Interesting Vampire Facts

interesting facts about vampires

Interesting Facts About Vampires

Vampires are generally associated with bats, dragons and beautiful woman. The word vampire is believed to have been derived from either Hungarian vampire (witch) or Turkish upior (witch) or from Greek nosophorus (plague – carrier). A group of vampires is termed as clutch, coven, or a clan.

Some common ways people follow to keep the vampires away are: they put mustard seeds on the threshold or hang fishing net on their window to keep the vampires busy counting the seeds or the fishing net’s holes till the sun rise. In ancient times in the Europe, stone monuments were commonly called dolmens were built on the graves to stop vampires from coming back.

Are Vampires Real?

Vampires are not always dead; they are live people suffering from a type of disease. This disease is called porphyria or in common words as “vampire disease” or “Dracula disease”. The general symptoms of this disease are discomfort in sunlight or hair in large quantity all over the body. In severe cases the patient might have reddish brown stains on the teeth and finally goes mad. This medical disorder is generally due to haematodipsia, hemeralopia or sensitivity to sunlight termed as day blindness.

The famous vampires known of are Count Dracula, Muppet Vampires etc. The true vampire known for its beauty and attraction was Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Vampires have different tastes and habits. They are fond of blood, skin, flesh, nails and bones. Some grow white hair; change appearances and can even fly.

Before Christianity evolved garlic, bells, iron, seeds, spades, rowan trees, hawthorn branches, salt, peppermint, running water etc. were used to keep the vampires away but after the advent of Christianity the vampires’ repellent included holy water, crucifixes and Eucharist wafers.

Literature in form of folk tales, short stories, comics using mermaids all talk of vampires including movies and serials. SOME VAMPIRE FACTS IN THIS TEXT ARE MARKED AS FICTIONAL!

Check out the amazing song “Vicarious” by Tool to see how we are all “like blood to a vampire!”

More information on how vampires work is found here.

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9 Comments on “Interesting Vampire Facts”

  1. it doest come from serbian language ther is no serbian language or macedonian or any balkans language others than Bulgarian (????????)

  2. First of all, I must say if you want to say something in a certain language, first know that language. *This is for Patronis.
    Second, yes, the word vampire (??????;vampir)was first used on the Balkan and was noted by Germans.
    After Austria gained control on Serbia in 1718, officials noted that the local population is sometimes exhuming bodies and “killing vampires”.
    They called them ??????-vampir so the Germans took the same word(vampir)the French called them vampyre and the English term was derived in vampire.

  3. If the story of vampires originates from Count Dracula, who lived in Transylvania (Romania), then I would see fit that the word comes from Romanian (Latin based language) – Vampir [singular] Vampiri [plural]

  4. In fact, the word ‘Vampire’ (vampir) does come from Serbian language;it’s the one and only Serbian word that’s in usage worldwide. 🙂

  5. I have porphyria. There are 8 types. (Not all types reacts to sunlight). I have Verigate Porphyria, and cannot stand the sun, although I love it! Readish teeth (and urine) is not common these days, for we brush teeth, and get medical help when ill. We DO NOT “eventually go mad”, but are prone to depression,and mood swings. We are in constant pain, over sensitive to sun, heat, stress, sulphur, chemicals, and often have sores that takes long to heal, and eventually leaves purple scarring. We are allergic to most meds, and crave carbs, iron, and sugar. We often have an “attractive” appearance, because we do not do sun,alcohol, smoking, or late nights. I am housebound in summer, and only feel good when the sun goes down. Porphyria is a rare disease,that forces us to live different, and approach everything with caution.

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