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Earthquakes are the nature’s most dangerous calamity. Earthquakes can hit any place, at any time and at any extreme level. There is no way out to stop earthquakes but only thing that humans can do is become more knowledgeable to protect themselves and lessen the amount of damage to the people as well as the property. The earthquake is caused due to movement of tectonic plates below the Earth’s crust when they are pushed, pulled or jostled against each other. When the pressure of this movement becomes unbearable the rocks crack and shifts and the waves of energy produced is an earthquake.rnrnThe most sensitive zone to earthquakes is Alaska. In Alaska the earthquake hit at the magnitude of eight and almost seven earthquakes hit this place every year. It is also seen that Alaska is hit with the earthquake of magnitude 8 once every fourteen years.

earthquakes today

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The records show that every minute two earthquakes occur in the world. The largest recorded earthquake in the U. S. was of the magnitude 9.2 and that in the world was of the magnitude 9.5 which hit Chile in 1960.rnrnEarthquakes also occur on the moons and are hence called “moonquakes” but they are less frequent and are of a smaller magnitude.rnrnEarthquakes are not weather based, they occur in any weather and generally a earthquake lasts for 60 seconds causing lots of damage to people, property, country and the world as a whole.rnrnThe most recent earthquake occurred in 2004 brought along with it tsunami, in the western coast of Sumatra and took away almost 2, 55, 000 lives.rnrnMost of the earthquakes occur in the rim of the Pacific Ocean, known as the “Ring of Fire” due to its constant volcanic activity.rn
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  1. The interior of Antarctica has icequakes which, although they are much smaller, are perhaps more frequent than earthquakes in Antarctica. The icequakes are similar to earthquakes, but occur within the ice sheet itself instead of the land underneath the ice. Some of our polar observers have told us they can hear the icequakes and see them on the South Pole seismograph station, but they are much too small to be seen on enough stations to obtain a location.

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    I’m a bit confused about some of what you’ve said there.

    You say the most recent earthquake occurred in Sumatra in 2004 but you also comments that there are two earthquakes every minute. It seems like these two facts might be in contradiction. Also you might need to update the actual fatality count in Sumatra because 2,55,000 isn’t a real number. I can only guess you either meant 2,550,000 or 255,000 but I don’t know which?

    Anyway good job with the rest of the sight, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  3. Earthquakes are the Earths natural kinetic engine , throwing out waves of energy , that actually move around the World decreasing in energy , but also picking up energy if moving by areas of natural energy ( volcano’s ,) spreading out laterally (depends on geographical location – mountain ranges ,) and keeping its linear path as well !!

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  5. Hi so I was raised in California. California has had some major big ones as well. That you failed to mention. And I also think you need to update this web site because that number 2,55,000 is not a number and your failing to mention where a lot of the earthquakes hit. For instance I now live in Colorado and just last year there was a big earthquake that hit Greeley Colorado which only happens like every couple of decades. Who knew they could hit the rocky mountains.

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