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Facts About Alaska

Juneau is capital of Alaska, and it is not accessible by road from any other state. Alaska has 17 of the 20 highest peaks in United States. Alaska has more than 3 million lakes. Kodiak bear found in Alaska is the largest in the world. The coastline of Alaska is greater than the combined coastline of United States. There are 29 volcanoes in Alaska. Alaska was first discovered in 1741. 25 % of the oil produced in US comes from Alaska. The official insect of this state is a four-spot skimmer dragonfly. The official flower of Alaska is forget-me-not. Transnational Corporation called "Russian-American Company" owned Alaska and in 1867, during the Russian difficult financial position, sold Alaska to United Sates for 7.2 million dollars.

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alex at 03:35PM, Jan 2nd 2014.
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alex at 02:14PM, Jan 2nd 2014.
I love Alaska, too lolz, and these information is so helpful, its help me on my states report in school. Thnx you so much!!!!!!!!!!
cutestprincess at 01:21PM, Jan 2nd 2014.
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Anthony at 12:50PM, May 21st 2013.
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Anthony at 12:50PM, May 21st 2013.
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taco at 01:58PM, Oct 17th 2012.
Jazlyn Nicholi
I Love Alaska!
Jazlyn Nicholi at 03:00PM, Apr 11th 2012.
Missy Baldwin
Alaska needs you! Support Our Environment . Just say no to new drilling in Alaska.
Missy Baldwin at 11:21AM, May 4th 2011.
This message really helped me with my school work. I have to do a report on Alaska. I got some really cool info. I wish I can live in Alaska. Do u guys see alot of wildlife?
noneofurbuisness at 07:35PM, Apr 26th 2011.
Thanks so much it really helped me!
Dwag at 11:34AM, Feb 22nd 2011.
Kate, I believe you don't live in igloos out there, but you speak Eskimo pretty well)
Bazilius at 06:44AM, Aug 31st 2010.
haha i live here bezzys we dont live in igloos we dont hav polar bears 4 pets we drive cars nd live in homes jus like yall americans jus don com here in the winter you wont survive unless you lived here all ur life, summer nice tho it got to 95 at my house todAY
kate at 01:46AM, Aug 16th 2010.
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AlaskaBorn at 01:01PM, May 12th 2010.

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