What Are the Four Major Tournaments on the PGA Tour?

What Are the Four Major Tournaments on the PGA Tour?

Whether you have no interest in the game or are an avid player, golf has four yearly tournaments that bring millions of eyes to the sport. Learning about the four major tournaments on the PGA Tour allows you to make a mental note of which tournaments deserve your attention.

The Masters

Although PGA Tour play starts months before, The Masters Tournament unofficially signifies the start of the new season, being golf’s first major. Unlike the other three majors, The Masters always happens at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, with the inaugural event happening in 1934.

There’s nothing a player can do to qualify for The Masters because it’s an invite-only event. In addition to winning a trophy in the shape of the clubhouse and a gold medal, the champion receives a green jacket and a lifetime membership to play at this exclusive course. Past champions include Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and 2023 U.S. Ryder Cup captain Zach Johnson.

The PGA Championship

What used to be golf’s last major championship of the season is now the second. The PGA Championship dates back to 1916, when Jim Barnes won the event and a paltry $500 for his efforts. As of today, the winner takes home the prestigious Wanamaker trophy, and this year’s winner, Justin Thomas, netted a cool $2.7 million.

Other perks of winning this tournament include being a guaranteed participant in the three other majors for the next five years and a lifetime membership of the PGA. As with many majors, Jack Nicklaus has the most wins with five, tying him with Walter Hagen.

The U.S. Open

If you enjoy watching golfers on the brink of losing their demeanor, The U.S. Open is must-see TV. The U.S. Open has often been considered the most challenging major changes course annually, but the USGA brings the demanding elements along for the ride.

The U.S. Open is the United States’ longest active major, with the first event in the fall of 1895 at the Newport Country Club in Rhode Island. The final round concludes on Father’s Day, making it the perfect event for family bonding.

The British Open

While we Yankees call golf’s last major The British Open, our allies to the East simply refer to it as The Open Championship. First played in 1860, The Open Championship is golf’s oldest major. Considering it’s the only major at the birthplace of golf, it’s one that you cannot miss unless you sleep in, in which case you’ll miss most of the first two days. Between the winds, the cloudy skies, and yellow grass, it’s not as visually pleasing as the other three majors, but the tradition holds weight.

Everyone has a different opinion of which of the four major tournaments on the PGA Tour is most worth watching. However, one thing remains constant in every event: incredible shots that any amateur golfer can only dream about making.

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