Nerd Out!: 7 Interesting Adventure Vacation Packages To Explore This Year

interesting adventure vacations

When you ask someone to describe a nerd, the stereotypical image they’ll have in their minds is a science-loving person who’s introverted, quiet, and loves to stay home. But they couldn’t be more wrong than that!

The fact is, many self-professed nerds love breaking out of their comfort zones and traveling to new places. This is especially true when they can learn about new things while on their vacations.

Are you a nerd who loves to travel? Then here are 7 interesting adventure vacation packages you should check out this year!

1. Discover Wildlife in Madagascar

Madagascar has so much to offer in terms of biodiversity. You could spend your entire life there and still not discover everything nature has to offer there.

If you go with an adventure vacation tour group, you’ll be able to observe the native wildlife through planes, boats, and bush camps. For fans of lemurs, this is definitely a destination you want to go to at least once in your lifetime.

There are many wildlife conservation organizations out in Madagascar, so book a tour with a few of them as you go around the country. By doing so, not only do you contribute to their efforts financially, but you also contribute through spreading awareness of conservation concerns you’ve learned from the organizations.

2. Visit the Soudan Underground Mine State Park

If you’re not one for wildlife and want to keep your trip domestic, consider going to Soudan, Minnesota. Soudan Underground Mine State Park is the site of the state’s first iron ore mine. However, it’s now been repurposed as a physics lab.

Here, you can take a 3-minute mine cage tour to learn about the lab’s neutrino detector. You can also learn about the mine’s past and what the miners had to go through.

3. USA Space Tour

Do you tend to have your nose in the sky instead of pointed at the ground? Then you won’t want to miss out on this two-week tour!

This tour takes you all across the USA to key places that made history in space exploration, such as Washington DC, Houston, Orlando, and New Mexico. In each city, you’ll visit multiple museums to learn about what NASA and other organizations have done over the years.

4. Visit the Center for PostNatural History

This center is located in Pittsburgh, PA and is one for the biology nerds who are interested in selective breeding and genetic engineering. The Center for PostNatural History has a huge collection of curiosities from all time periods.

The best thing about this facility is that they don’t charge admission. You’ll be able to look at all the fascinating displays without having to spend a cent.

While most of the specimens found in the center are of animals, you’ll find occasional exhibitions that feature things like botany and chemicals. If you like to learn about how things have evolved through time, be sure to visit this place.

5. Tour with Adventure Life

If you don’t like to go on one-size-fits-all tours, but don’t like to put together your own itinerary, this group will create a special one just for you. Adventure Life takes all of the planning out of your trip, which leaves you relatively stress-free.

Wherever you wish to go in the world, they can put together an unforgettable trip for you. Whether you want to go to Machu Picchu or Shanghai, their travel agents are extremely knowledgeable in scheduling activities that’ll satisfy your nerd brain.

6. Spotting Wildlife in Alaska

Spotting Alaska wildlife can be a great way to get in touch with nature. You don’t even have to go somewhere completely remote and inaccessible either.

For example, Potter Marsh features some amazing birds and moose and spans a 1,500-foot boardwalk. This makes it a good place to bring your children since the boardwalk is very easy to walk on.

You can also travel to Point Woronzof Park, Kincaid Park, Kenai Fjords National park, and Denali National Park. In all of these parks, you’ll go through massive wildlands where you can see nature in all its beauty.

From the ocean to the sky, Alaska offers plenty of wildlife for you to observe and admire. For the people in your party who aren’t as interested in nature, they’ll have activities like archery and motocross to participate in.

7. Barge Cruising in Holland

Holland is known all around the world for their beautiful tulips. But have you ever wondered how that came to be, and how those tulips look like in person?

Well, you can get a glimpse into Dutch Golden Age by cruising in a barge around Holland like they did in the 17th century. You’ll travel with a small group and go to museums, visit the famous Keukenhof where flowers bloom briefly, tour a delftware factory, and observe plenty of old windmills.

On the barge will be an expert who will explain all the history surrounding Holland as you make your way through. During the night, you’ll stay at 4 or 5-star hotels.

Look into These Adventure Vacation Packages

The next time you have some time off, definitely look into these adventure vacation packages. Not only will they take you somewhere fun, but you’ll also learn a lot on these trips.

Even if the people you’re going with aren’t that interested in science, you can still probably convince them to go with you. All of these destinations have more to offer than just nature and science, so speak up to go to your dream destination with your loved ones!

Before you embark on your next adventure, take a look at our nature section to brush up on some facts and news!

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