Lassie Facts

What Kind Of Dog Was Lassie?

Although most known Scottish shepherd, Lassie, is white-brown, original Collies were mostly tricolor: white, brown and mostly black (on the back).  A cute little dog and certainly not a cat. SMH at this cutie.  Makes you want that GIF on Tiktok.

It’s also interesting that Collies are better known as \”Lassie\”, than \”Collie\” or \”Scottish shepherd\”.

hi reddit, meet lassie the most photogenic dog in my neigbourhood (its a friends dog) from aww

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  1. It should also be known that the dog used in the show, “Lassie” was a male, rather than a female. The reason for this being was because female dogs were found to shed more, especially when they were in heat. This would have otherwise created an obstacle during the production of the show.

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