Inventions That Have Changed the Music Industry

Inventions That Have Changed the Music Industry

Some people love music and immerse themselves in the waves of its wondrous sensations. Others see it as the mere noise of another lost generation seeking meaning. However, without music, the world would be absolutely drab. Music comforts people, heals scars, and is a figurative band-aid that covers up old and fresh wounds. Music is innovative, is a part of modern storytelling, and prompts us to seek a better life.

More often than not, people leave the creative fields out of the conversation when speaking about technology and change. That being said, there’s no doubt that inventions of the distant and recent past have majorly impacted the way we as humans listen to, consume, and interact with that remarkable thing called music. Let’s take a closer look at a few key inventions that have changed the music industry and have made it what it is today.


Nothing’s more classic than listening to good, old-fashioned radio. While music streaming and social media are currently dominating the world, radio was once the top revolutionary national sensation for mass communication. Early music stations opened up doorways for local artists to reach wider audiences. This core means of communication laid the groundwork for artist accessibility, creating a sound and sure foundation in the music industry with a long-lasting influence.

Electronic Instruments

Electronic Instrument Insight is a sure staple in the modern world of music, earning them a spot on this list of inventions that have changed the music industry. Can you even imagine your favorite band, artist, or song without an electric guitar? There would’ve been no smooth jazz, no new era of rock n’ roll, no new-age sounds. Today, electric guitars are integral instruments synonymous with mainstream music and western culture.


Do you hate auto-tune or do you love it? Auto-tune has its foes and fans, but both sides can agree on its lasting impact on the musical landscape. Nobody’s perfect, not even our favorite artists. So, the original invention of auto-tune is a marvel for correcting slight mistakes in vocal tracks. Moreover, modern artists can use a quality mic and XLR cable to record and manipulate their vocals with auto-tuning and create a completely original sound.

Digital Software

Modern music technology is absolutely revolutionary. The greatest game-changer of all might very well be the implementation of digital software into music production. Regardless of abilities or experience, any musician, songwriter, or artist can take the reins and write, record, and produce their very own music right in their bedrooms. Budding artists can conveniently produce studio-quality music with the right knowledge, creativity, and gear.

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