Interesting Facts About Cats

interesting facts about cats

Interesting Facts About Cats

We all love cats and we all think that we know our cat. However, there’s definitely some stuff about cats that you all don’t know. So, let’s get onto some stuff you don’t know about your feline friends.

  • Cats are the most popular pet in the world. 25% of US families own a cat.
  • Cats can survive extremely high falls.
  • A group of cat is ‘clowder’.
  • There are over 20 muscles controlling a cat’s ear.
  • Cats are known to sleep for almost 70% of their lives.
  • US Households with cats on average own 1.8 cats
  • Cats are not able to taste sweets or things with sugar in them.
  • The world’s largest cat is almost 60 inches long.
  • A cat purrs when it is going through the process of self healing.
  • Adult cats meow to communicate with others.
  • Cats can recognize the voices of humans but they are reluctant in reacting to the calls.
  • Cats do not eat raw fish.
  • Cats make almost 100 sounds.
  • Female cats are right pawed and males are left pawed.
  • A cat brain is similar to a human brain.
  • Cats can remember things for a time longer than any other animal.
  • Cats have a lower social IQ.
  • A cat leaving their poop uncovered shows their aggression.
  • Cats are known to use their whiskers to see if they would fit through a space.
  • Hearing is the strongest sense in a cat
  • Cats lick themselves to lick off the scent of humans.
  • Cats do not like water.
  • A cat is referred to as ‘mau’ in Egypt.
  • There are almost 12% people in the world that refer to themselves as a cat person.
  • Cat owners are more likely to be graduate.
  • A cat bringing home a dead rat or a bird is to show their humans that they are not good hunters.
  • Cats can see better at night than in day.
  • At night, cats have a much more detailed eyesight as compared to humans.
  • A 2019 scientific research study showed that cats do bond with humans in a way similar to the way dogs bond with humans

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