12 Super Interesting Lottery Facts

lottery facts

Ever wonder what it’d be like to win the lottery? Of course, you do! Like everyone else in the world, you could hardly turn your nose up at substantial amounts of free money

However, by taking a look at some super interesting lottery facts, you may get some of your questions answered. 

What happens to people who win the lottery? Is their life full of happiness? Does anyone ever win twice?

Keep reading to find out the answers to these and many more questions.

Incredible Lottery Facts

People become superstitious when it comes to winning the lottery. They play birthdays, anniversary, death days, and even “magic numbers.” However, some people look for patterns by looking at past superlotto winning numbers.

No matter what your strategy is, the odds are stacked against you. However, people win the jackpot all the time, why couldn’t it be you? Before you start investing your life savings in the lotto however, check out some of these lottery facts.

1. The Most Expensive Form of Entertainment

In the United States, we spend more money on lottery tickets than on a myriad of entertainment options combined. Music, movies, video games, concerts, sporting events, and books all fall by the lotto wayside. 

Want to know how much we spend? $70 billion! Every year.

Sadly, those who play the lottery the most are the ones who need it most. People in the lower-income brackets are the ones spending the most on lottery tickets. Hmm, maybe there’s a lesson there.

2. Some People Don’t Like Change

A man named Robert Stuart won $100,000 from a scratch ticket. Five months later, he went on to win another million dollars from the lottery. Defying most lottery facts, he won the jackpot twice. 

However, with his $1.1 million dollars, he kept working and is staying in the same trailer home as before he won. Interesting.

3. Does Money Buy Happiness?

Well, it depends on who you ask. In this case, it depends on which lottery winners you ask. One of the most interesting lottery facts states that most lottery winners aren’t happier, though apparently, they are more satisfied. What that means, exactly, is in the eye of the beholder.

4. Apparently, Looks Aren’t Important When You’re a Millionaire

Although 1 in 10 Brits claim they would use lottery winnings to pay for plastic surgery, only a minuscule percent of lottery winners actually do. Though there’s no hard evidence to back it up, it’s said that only one percent of lottery winners go under the knife for cosmetic reasons.

5. The Millionaire Maker 

Here’s an international lottery fact for you: all national lotteries combined have created over 5,000 millionaires. If each person only received one million dollars, that would still be $5,000,000,000!

6. Step 1 – Win Money, Step 2 – Blow This Popsicle Stand

The vast majority of lottery winners immediately go on vacation. And why wouldn’t they? Most people are Average Joes (or Janes) who spend 50 weeks out of the year working so that they can go on vacation for two.

However, with a big wide world full of expensive vacationing spots for lotto winners, why not live the dream? 

7. Green Envy

While winning the lottery is a fantastic surprise that many of us dream of, not very many lottery winners share their success with the world? In fact, 85% of lottery winners choose to stay anonymous after the fact, even though many states only let them stay anonymous for 90 days.

We suspect it’s because they don’t want everyone in their lives treating them different. When people find out their friends or family member won the lottery, they tend to get jealous and even hostile. Sometimes, people start expecting handouts or begging for financial help.

8. Most Lottery Winners Lose Friends

The majority of all lottery winners report losing friends after gaining their “big break.” Money changes people. Whether it’s because of the green envy from Number 9 or because the winners change, who’s to say?

However, we bargain that it’s a little of both. You can help but change your lifestyle a bit when you become an overnight millionaire. You can’t really blame them, although their friends evidently could.

9. Never Enough

Of all the previous winners interviewed and surveyed, a baffling 68% say they still religiously play the lotto. This somewhat discouraging lottery fact sheds light on one of the most troubling human conditions – no matter how much money is literally handed to us, we’ll always want more.

Even more shocking is that the majority of those folks believe they’ll get lucky again!

10. The Odds of Winning?

However, for the lottery winners of the past to have even won in the first place was nearly impossible. In fact, the odds of winning the lottery stand at 14 million to one. 14 million. 

Try doing that twice in one lifetime! Oh wait, they are. Ironically, they’re more likely to be killed by choking on a dollar bill.

11. The Odds of Losing It All?

Did you know that nearly 70% of lottery winners end up going bankrupt? You may be asking yourself “how can someone who wins millions go bankrupt?” 

Well, most people who fall backwards into that kind of cash have no idea how to handle it. They say “we’ll enjoy ourselves then put the rest in savings and investments.” Nope.

They enjoy themselves. Then, they enjoy themselves more. Finally, they enjoy themselves until they’re out of money.

This is a gloomy statistic, but you can’t argue with the facts.

12. Lightening or Lottery, Which is It?

Commonly stated lottery facts state that you have a greater chance of being killed by lightning than winning the lottery. Sounds about right based on statistics.

From 2013 to 2015 roughly 1,300 people won over $1,000,000 dollars from lottery tickets. In those years, however, only 67 people were killed by lightning. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

Want More Facts?

So, are you still going to dream about winning the lottery? There are a lot of ugly facts in there. 

Yeah, us too. We know we would be responsible with our jackpot winnings just like you, right?

Information and statistics are where it’s at, but we’ve got a lot more than just interesting lottery facts! Check out the rest of our articles for more fascinating insights that will shock and amaze you!

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