How To Legally Repost UGC On Instagram

legally post on instagram

Are you looking for ways to repost on Instagram for marketing without stepping into legal trouble?

First of all, kudos to you to follow the right practice of incorporating user-generated content in your content creation process. Taking care of other content’s legal rights is crucial that every marketer or brand should pay attention before reposting on Instagram. Prior to sharing or utilizing UGC in your Instagram marketing campaign, you must focus on understanding the rules and legalities to repost on Instagram.

One of the main reasons you focus on the legal aspect of UGC usage is to maintain the brand image and the fair treatment of your content creator community. But why it is important to take care of the UGC legal rights when users share the content of their own will.

In this post, you will find answers to UGC legal rights related questions and find the right way of reposting UGC on Instagram.

Why UGC Legal Rights Are Important?

You may be thinking that User-generated content is free to use, and anyone can repost it to share with more people. However, that is not considered the right practice; user-generated content has copyrights of content creators, and using it without any rights is considered as a breach of copyrights.

You may find a number of Instagram posts shared by your fans using your hashtags, mentions, and handles in their posts, which is working as powerful and free marketing for your business.

If you share this content on your Instagram may enhance your marketing efforts at exponential rates. But you have to take care of the legal rights linked with user-generated content and repost it on your Instagram account, keeping all Instagram reposting rules in mind.

Many marketers and brands are using user-generated content in their marketing campaigns; they are using it incorrectly all the way long. Due to this, many markers have jumped into legal troubles unintentionally.

Basically, user-generated content is the intellectual property of the users. Thus laws are created to protect their content copyrights, and any infringement leads to legal challenges.

In order to keep yourself away from any legal difficulties, it is better to focus on best practices to incorporate user-generated content to repost on Instagram legally.

Check these four must rule to repost on Instagram that every marketer should know before reposting UGC on Instagram.

#Rule1: Check The Possibilities of Using UGC

However, there are no such strict guidelines for using user-generated content in marketing campaigns, but following best practices to use UGC always protect you from getting into legal troubles.

That is why it is important to check all the possibilities and legalities linked with user-generated content before making them a part of marketing campaigns.

The first crucial thing to focus on is the ownership rights – the user-generated content is the intellectual property of the content creator, making a profit or benefits from using it contains the part of the content creator.

And the second important thing is that you focus on what purposes you want to use the content. Consider all these things while making strategies for reposting UGC on Instagram and define your purpose of using UGC to your content creator community.

#Rule2: Ask Permission From Content Owner

Another important aspect of reposting user-generated content on Instagram is by asking permission. Many brands think about finding creative UGC and searching for UGC with the hashtag. No matter how you find UGC. You need to ask for permission from the content creator.

You can ask permission from the content creator directly to DM them, or you can use rights management tools to work for you. Many marketers send messages to UGC content owners and get the approval to repost their content on their Instagram account.

However, asking permission by messaging the content owner is not the appropriate way and will not fully protect you from legal challenges. Thus rights management software is what is the best option for marketers and brands. 

#Rule3: Don’t Forget To Credit Content Owner

Getting approval to use user-generated content from the content owner is not enough to get you away from legal difficulties. While reposting other content on Instagram, giving credits to original content creators is counted as UGC’s good practice.

Giving proper credits to the owner also encourages them to create more content for your brand as well as enhance the image of your brand.

#Rule4: Follow Same Rule Before Reposting Instagram Stories

Now you have learned the rules and ways to repost on Instagram, but what about Instagram stories? It is not a better idea to take screenshots and re-upload Instagram stories on your account.

Instead, you can click on the paper airplane icon and click to share on your Instagram story. This ensures the legality of using content and gives a clickable link that takes to the original post when viewers click on your story.

The same goes for the story you are tagged; in your inbox, you will find a “Add to Story” button to add it to your story.

Make Sure To Not To Breach Copyrights

Every marketer wants to use user-generated content to leverage their social presence and build the authenticity of their brand.

There is no harm in using user-generated content and repost on Instagram for marketing purposes, but to avoid legal challenges and copyright infringements, it is a must for marketers to follow UGC rules and get the legal rights before reposting users’ content on Instagram. Don’t let the FOMO of using a MEME or GIF send you into a NSFW moment when you encounter legal issues.

Understanding the copyrights of content owners is most essential while integrating it in the marketing campaign and keeping your brand away from stepping into legal troubles.


What is UGC?

UGC is User Generated Content. Every time you post something to social media, that is considered User Generated Content.

Is it free to use user generated content?

You may be thinking that User-generated content is free to use, and anyone can repost it to share with more people. However, that is not considered the right practice; user-generated content has copyrights of content creators, and using it without any rights is considered as a breach of copyrights.

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