How Does A QR Code Work?

how does a qr code work

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QR Code Facts

A QR code works the same way that a traditional bar code does. Designed in 1994 by the Japanese to track their car parts, the QR now is used commonly by big and small businesses alike not just in Asia but throughout the global economy. People can use QR codes to send and receive Bitcoin as well.

The QR code is an improvement on the conventional bar code as it can store manifold information that the regular bar code can. Additionally, they can be scanned from any angle and background interference is minimal.

Most smartphones have apps with a QR code reader. So if you are using a QR code for any business campaign, your customers can walk into your office/store conveniently and read your QR code with their smartphone app.

QR codes can be put to work variously. Below, we discuss some of the ways in which QR codes may be applied –

  • To direct you to the company’s social media handles like Twitter or Facebook or official website.
  • As a discount code, which the customer can use during checkout.
  • Use it to link to a Google Maps location.

Basically, a QR code is an encoded piece of data that can be read by smartphones. Your smartphone decodes this data and presents you with information that you can understand. The information present in a QR code may be alphanumeric, binary, numeric, or even Kanji.

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