Twin Brother In His Stomach

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India resident Sanju Bhagat always had bit larger stomach, but he got extremely worried when it suddenly started growing bigger and bigger. Thirty year old Sanju Bhagat was rushed to hospital and his stomach condition was diagnosed as an stomach tumor. To a doctor’s surprise it was something extremely different and very unusual. From the birth Sanju had his twin brother living inside of him like a parasite. This phenomenon is extremely rare since parasite twin brother has to survive by leaching on its brother’s blood supply. This bizarre medical conditions is called fetus in fetu and it occurs when a fetus gets trapped inside of its twin. Doctor Mehta who was operating Sanju Bhagat said: “First, one limb came out, then another limb came out. Then some part of genitalia, then some part of hair, some limbs, jaws, limbs, hair.”


More scientific information on this amazing occurrence is found here.

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60 Comments on “Twin Brother In His Stomach”

  1. OMG how is that even possible, i mean how can a twin get stuck inside its brothers stomach and survive this long, and why dont you just take it out!!

  2. yeah he came out alive anf he had one eye and one ear while the uva parts ov his body came out seperately so horrible

  3. LMAO its so funny how people asks if it came out alive….
    didn’t you watch the movie?? it clearly said the “parasite” lived of his twins blood supply…. if they take him of…poof…he’s dead….


  4. This is worrisome…still can’t get my head round how it is possible for a fouetus to live inside another and they both are considered human!
    If the guy inside was the other guy’s twin, does it mean a woman can produce an egg inside another egg? Where are the medics PLEASE?!! I need answers!

  5. Ok, here’s the deal. His twin “Lived” as in, it became part of him and leeched off of his blood’s nourishment. It was horribly deformed and came out in parts. His hormones jump started the thing’s growth and caused it to act essentially like a tumor, but without it being based on the endless copying of cells. The being, after having been removed, would not have been able to function, and definitely died within minutes. Even if a woman did produce an egg within an egg, there would be no way for the inner egg to become fertilized considering the outside of the outer egg immediately hardens after one sperm reaches the inside of the membrane surrounding it. The two embryos that had been formed merged with eachother. Didn’t you watch the freakin’ video?

    I wanna see it too.

  6. Okay people pay close attention. the leech like creature was barely human and did not look like a human. and im 85% sure that bony thing they showed us was the creature. there is no way he couldve have carried the fetus in him like a woman couldve.The 2 fetus simply merged and the 2nd fetus became (in a nutshell) a parasite that once had the potential to become himan

  7. how can this happen?

    the mother when reproduced, had twins, and she didn’t know and , and one of her baby got indied the other.


    i think it is living.

  8. does his parasitic brother developed his own mind too? coz if he grew like that then maybe he has a mind of his own too and when you think of that then he must be so lonely. he was alive you know.

  9. Gosh i was just looking around and found this crazy story very disturbing,cool,and gross i feel bad.Why doesnt he just get him taken out?Well if he’s happy with him inside there,but i doubt it.

  10. Thats so sad. Imagin the twin living it’s entire life alone in darkness never knowing what is going on. 🙁

  11. This is so creepy! I’m happy my twin and I came out fine?… I would hate it if my twin wasn’t around, but then again I wouldn’t really know,lol.

  12. I feel sad because the guy’s twin brother isn’t able to live on his own and on the outside world, he has to depend a lot to his brother named Sanju Bhagat. Imagine that you’d be carrying a being like that in your body and never discovering that it is actually your twin brother, he must feel really bad. By the way, thank you very much for all of the info you have because I needed some for my kids research paper writing service. Facts are carefully written for kids. Thank you.

  13. Mmmm I was eating. I do not understand hoow the fetus can continue to grow for any leagth of time, even more than a couple hours? It would not sustain outside the body in that condition, and theres is know way the twin would learn how to be a ” parasite”! Therefore I cannot believe this to me it is hoax.

  14. The twin in his stomach was not alive per say, when the doctors pulled the twin out of him they pulled him out in pieces. The twin was mostly decayed already.

  15. Are you people completely ignorant. His “twin” did not grow like a normal twin would or else it would be the same size as he is. It could not hear, could not move, could not feel emotion, or even pain. IT was a giant tumor & if you don’t get a giant tumor taken care of it starts to cause problems, just like his did. Maybe y’all should do a little fact searching beforing commenting. Become a little more educated!


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