Athletic Field Maintenance Tips To Improve Playability

Athletic Field Maintenance Tips To Improve Playability

Sports give us all a sense of joy. From the stands to the sidelines, people come together for healthy competition, and everyone involved in making that happen must always keep safety in mind. We can all agree that the main goal is to have a safe surface on which players can perform unhindered. But some common maintenance issues can get in the way of that. Together, let’s look into athletic field maintenance tips to improve playability.

Keep Things Routine

Maintaining athletic fields is important to keep athletes safe from injuries. Routine chemical application should handle insects, weeds, or rodents that can cause injuries. These types of treatments should happen seasonally and at the first sign of any infestation.

Your school or stadium should have a designated landscaping or maintenance team that handles this. Familiarize yourself with the team leads and build a relationship so that you can communicate your concerns or desires for the field.

Mow Frequently

Mowing and watering are the most important parts of maintaining your athletic field, and they’re some of the best ways to improve playability. Ensure that your grass receives enough water by timing the sprinkler systems to match the weather patterns. When it comes to cutting, ensure you keep your mower blades sharp and clean so that they can optimally do their job. You can also use a roller to flatten the grass after mowing, making it easier for players to run on.

Touch Up the Paint

Another athletic field maintenance tip that will improve playability is to pull out the paint and freshen up your lines. A paint striper will allow you to make sure your measurements and lines are clear. It will also allow you to add any touch-ups to the marks.

Keeping the field markings crisp and clean is not just for aesthetics. Touching up any fading lines will ensure everyone can see where they are in the space. Depending on the size and scope of your projects, you’ll need to determine the right field marking equipment to get this job done efficiently.

Pro-Tip: Schedule routine field painting around your major games or hosted competitions so that your field looks its best.

Perform Weekly Inspections

Before any team takes to the field for practice or a game, the coach should be sure to walk the perimeter and take note of the field’s condition. Take a moment to check for any issues with the turf. Look for uniformity, drainage, and any patches or holes that could be problematic. If you find anything that needs immediate attention, you can act accordingly. It’s okay to delay things if the need arises; safety is the priority.

Keep your field clean, and make sure to perform upkeep after each game. If they’re not already in place, enforce rules to help limit debris and clean up after events. By following the tips above, you can keep your athletic field in good condition so that it’s safe for athletes to play on.

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