3 Reasons You Need a Pipe Expansion Joint

3 Reasons You Need a Pipe Expansion Joint

Different piping systems all combat one thing: levels of pressure or strain that can hurt the stability of the overall piping system. Between pressure fluctuations, vibrations, and expansions, pipes undergo many forms of stress that can wreak havoc on their functionality and efficiency.

However, you can mitigate the detrimental effects of equipment failures when you install expansion joints! These components can bend, expand, and flex to accommodate variables that could affect a pipe system and contribute to its failure.

But in what situation would you benefit from utilizing one of these devices? Here are three reasons you need a pipe expansion joint.

Improved Longevity

A durable pipe system is a mechanism that can withstand all situations. Over time, the equipment will experience strain, so it helps to support its longevity with expansion joints.

Great longevity means fewer repairs and less downtime. Pipe expansion joints provide simple solutions to protect your overall investment by reducing the long-term strain that occurs through normal wear and tear.

You should note that expansion joints typically last around 20 years. However, expect the unexpected by learning the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your expansion joints. This way, you can address issues if they do appear before that time interval is complete.

Improved Connection

An improved connection between pipes allows for a smoother transfer of materials that reduces noise and stress.

This goes hand in hand with stability and longevity and is always the primary objective within a piping system. Improved connections allow you to upgrade the entire piping system without fear of creating more stress through misalignment.

Reduced Pump Strain

Having a smooth connection in your piping system, or having a piping system that mitigates stress well, can also reduce pump strain. Pump strain occurs when the system becomes overworked, allowing for more instances of failure.

Other piping systems can’t maintain a temperature level without running into issues. Furthermore, cheap alternatives, such as looping pipes or pipes that bend at stark angles, are inefficient and can create more strain on the entire system.

Fortunately, expansion joints come in various shapes, sizes, and materials that can serve different functions. Improved longevity of your system, improved connections between pipes, and a reduction in pump strain are the key reasons you need pipe expansion joints for your pipe system.

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