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Number Thirteen Facts

The fear of number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia and it was derived from treiskaideka, the Greek word for thirteen and phobia. There were thirteen people at Christ's Last Supper before his captivity, it is recorder that Christ was crucified on Friday. Routine mission to the moon goes drastically wrong on Apollo 13. Some hotels skip number thirteen when numbering rooms. In Formula 1, there is no car with the number 13.

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this is something freaky oh and guess what in 13 mins it will be 13:00
random at 08:47AM, Oct 29th 2013.
hi peeps i am 13 yrs old big suprise how im smarter than somebody who thinks 5+7=13 :)
kent at 11:00PM, Oct 28th 2013.
Holy crap i read this at 12.55

annabelle at 07:57PM, Mar 17th 2013.
13 is the first tenage year
hollie at 12:57PM, Jan 11th 2013.
8:16 waoooooooo
GAURAV at 10:47AM, Sep 14th 2012.
U Guys Were Fooled By Those Stupid Greek, 13 Wasnt My Bad It was One Of My Favourite Game Final Fantasy 13
IAmNumber13 at 07:52AM, Aug 29th 2012.
John P III

Have you ever stopped to really think about the term triskaidekaphobia or the idea that you think of 13 at all and the fact that it has this mystical theory behind it. Now, dont you think its possible it has some how created some sort of predisposion about the number for your imagination to play with. And the constant interaction or interest in it makes you more aware of it, all the time. IE: I watched the movie "the number 23" with Jim Carry and started seeing it around everywhere and a friend started teasing me about some other random number and was over obsessive about this random number, just to prove a point, and you know what we started seeing that random number all over the place. All im saying is rationalize it in your mind because your brain is a powerful tool, it often lets you see what you want to see, and interrestly enough this thought is no less existential than your own and I am some what of a consperacy theorist so I believe a lot of things are true that society doesnt want you to believe but all Im saying is that if you try to find reasoning for seeing the number thirteen you may just find that there is actually a logical reason for you to see it.
John P III at 01:03AM, Aug 28th 2012.
xaviara at 02:19PM, Aug 8th 2012.
8:23 when I read the comments and looked at the time.
Heather at 08:26PM, May 12th 2012.
Shakeel Ahamed
When i post this comment it was 4:09 How's that ........
Shakeel Ahamed at 06:43AM, Apr 20th 2012.

when I saw this post it was 6:25pm at my computer watch ... ha ha ha
Adnan at 07:25AM, Mar 6th 2012.
Guys, guys,

The time I read this topic is 1:57 pm? 1+5+7=13. Is it considered bad luck or something?
Ganesh at 01:00AM, Feb 2nd 2012.
crazy ppl wrote:
it's 8:45 .... 8+4+5 does NOT = 13 ....

and by the way 5+0+7 dose NOT = 13 either ... sheesh

And yet, CRAZY PPL, the time you wrote that was: 07:51PM,

7+5+1=13 ;D
miireee_gm at 12:01AM, Dec 16th 2011.
Karolee Samac
Weird stuff. 13's and 3's come -up all the time...will happen for weeks in a row...someone will mention the number 13; the items at the store will be $33.13 or the change will be $1.33; etc. etc.... ALWAYS something good going to happen at some time in the future. I was born on February 13th.................


Karolee Samac at 12:56AM, Nov 13th 2011.
crazy ppl
it's 8:45 .... 8+4+5 does NOT = 13 ....

and by the way 5+0+7 dose NOT = 13 either ... sheesh
crazy ppl at 08:51PM, Oct 10th 2011.
can't believe this...I read it at 11:29 pm...1+1+2+9 = 13
PRASANNA at 02:00PM, Oct 5th 2011.
Jonathan Edwards wrote:
shontellle wrote: #
Dilan wrote: #
You Know guys... I'm going through a terrible thing for the past 6 months or more witch is hard to believe. In my daily activities,If I'm in any need to come a cross a number,surely it will be only number 13. When ever my mind force me to look at the watch, or the traffic signal remaining time, or any appointment times/dates ect ect.. Even nown my phone even in convere when I log in to the internet the time was 5:13 !!! witch really made me to enter to this site. I thought all it's in my mind and I'm feeling as such because I'm only following this number. But NO!!! That's not the right answer..!! I my self have done a small exercise to find out the fact. and I got to know IT IS ONLY THE NUMBER 13 WITCH FOLLOWS ME ALL THE TIME..!!!
Guys.. Please leave your comments and advice regarding this..

i cant believe you wrote that for about 3weeks now i have been seeing the number thirteen everywhere on the tv on clothes everytime i look on my phone its always 13 past even in conversation. and the reason this scares me is because this same thing happen to me about 3months ago i kept seeing the number then on the thirthith i found out somthing that ruined my reletionship and caused me to break up with sombody i loved then i didnt see it anywhere til now and the next friday just happens to be the worst one the only friday the thirteen this whole year. i cant ake the suspence anymore but iv been reading up on it and it mostly says its good luck im just hoping this time thats wot it means for me so yeah your not the only one

I just checked the time... 3:29. how boring


Hope you are keeping fine....!!!
Dilan at 09:33AM, Oct 1st 2011.
woah! 7:06!!!!
ZOE at 07:07PM, Sep 28th 2011.
Pieter J
lol the time is 09 46
Pieter J at 03:47AM, Sep 26th 2011.
Admin comment

I read last comment and looked at the clock and it was 2:29. 2+2+9=13

Admin at 08:32PM, Sep 19th 2011.
Hermoine Granger
OMG when i read this the clock said 5:07 5+0+7=13! im serious at first i checked the first comments and im like thats not true and i check the clock and im like O.o
Hermoine Granger at 06:14PM, Sep 19th 2011.
omg wen i checked this it was 6:25 6+2+5!!! THATS WIERD!!!
lollypop at 01:28PM, Sep 17th 2011.
12:55. 1+2+5+5=13. WTF! Holy poop!
Kristin at 01:59PM, Aug 21st 2011.
amazing i jst chkd it whn ma mobile tym shows 15:07
debu at 05:42AM, Jun 18th 2011.
Funny, in Italy the number 13 is the luckiest number, while 17 is the unlucky number. That proves there is not such a thing as a lucky or unlucky number per se'. Just pick a number and build a story around it. :-)
Franky at 04:58PM, Jun 11th 2011.

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