8 Interesting Greece Facts That You Didn’t Know

interesting facts about greece

Did you know that 33 million travelers visited Greece in 2018?

Have you always wanted to know more about Greece? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over some interesting Greece facts.

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1. Democracy and Greece

Did you know that most historians regard Athens as the birthplace of democracy? Some believe that other places had democratic structures of government. Athens inspired many nations to become democratic.

2. Ancient Greece

Most people love to visit Greece because of its fascinating history. A fun fact about Greece is that people have always lived in Athens for more than 7,000 years.

Athens is Europe’s oldest city. If you want to visit Greece, make sure to head to Athens. Consider checking out educational trips to Greece.

3. Greece Has a Different Name

Did you know Greeks call their country a different name? They refer to their home as Hellada or Hellas. The official name is the Hellenic Republic. In ancient times and today, they have always called it Hellas.

English speakers will call it Greece, based on the term Graecia. Graecia is the Latin word for “land of the Greeks.”

4. Ancient Greek Temples

In Greece, you can visit ancient temples. Most of these structures are so old that there are only partial structures remaining.

Check out the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion. Another temple to check out is the Temple of Hephaestus. It’s well-preserved even though it’s from the 5th century BC. If you’re intrigued by Greek mythology, you’ll want to visit these sites.

5. Greek Weddings and Receptions

Most people may have heard a stereotype or two about Greek weddings that they are wild and loud. The wedding ceremony is formal, but the reception is where the party amps up.

There is a tradition for the family to perform a dance for the bride. Everyone dances in a circle together. People break plates too, but it’s an act of celebration. They use dishes made from plaster.

6. Ancient Greece Wasn’t a United Country

You might think that Ancient Greece was like modern Greece, one single country. This isn’t the case. Ancient Greece included around 1,500 city-states. Every city-state had its army and law. Athens was the biggest city-state.

7. Young and Old People Live at Home

Did you know that retirement homes aren’t common in Greece? Most grandparents live with their children’s families until they die. Young people tend to live with their families until they get married as well.

8. Turquoise Blue

Greek structures like church homes, furniture, windowsills, and doors are turquoise blue. You will see this, especially in the Cyclades Islands. There is an ancient belief that this color of blue keeps evil away. 

Now You Know Some Interesting Greece Facts

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