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Facts about Texas

Texas also known as "The Lone Star State" with the capital city Austin got its statehood on December 29, 1845. The population of Texas is 20, 044,141. The state has 254 counties with number of largest cities such as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso and Austin in it.

It is amazing to know that 70% of Texas population stays within 200 miles of Austin and the state comprises of almost 215 cities, each having the population of 10, 000 and more. It has 7.4 % of the nation's area. The King Ranch is larger than the state of Rhode Island.

Texas has good population of cattle too. It is estimated to be 16 million. The wool that comes from the place is much more than we get from any other U. S. state. The largest sheep growing area in the country is Edwards Plateau situated in west central Texas. It also has the nation's largest herd of Whitetail deer.

Austin, the capital city of the state, located on the Colorado River in the south- central part, is made from Texas pink granite and is commonly considered as live music capital of the world.

The name Texas was adapted from the Hasinai Indian word tejas meaning friend and the state has the motto Friendship.

Compared to any other state, Texas is rich in farming too as large area of the land is cultivated here. Almost 10% of its area is covered with farms and forests and includes four national and five state forests. It also experiences variety in the temperature of different areas. It is the leading producer of oil, natural gas, beef, sheep, goats, cotton, wool, rice and watermelon.

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Jonny b good
They person who said Texas is the home of racism should be deported.. or worse..
Jonny b good at 06:57AM, Jan 27th 2014.
The smallest county in Texas is Rockwall measuring in at 149 square miles...just a useless fact : )
Michelle at 08:47AM, Jun 26th 2012.
i also love first i didnt really like it,actually i didnt really like any state but my own.then my teacher assigned me texas for my state report and i am learning so much about i love it.
spaidz at 11:19PM, May 29th 2012.
also the home of racism and the **** known as george w bush
mk at 01:03AM, May 1st 2012.
Texas Trivia
Texas has only one natural lake, Caddo Lake.
Texas Trivia at 04:32PM, Dec 31st 2011.
Texas is the Bestest :)
TEXAN ;) at 01:26AM, Oct 25th 2011.
i love texas i am doing a report on it
rainbow at 07:48PM, May 23rd 2011.
no at 08:18PM, May 12th 2011.
Linda Yang
wow I love when people say that they love Texas
Linda Yang at 03:43PM, Jan 3rd 2011.
Jordan Talbott
I love Whitney!
Jordan Talbott at 02:46PM, Nov 19th 2010.

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