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Facts about Pancakes

Pancakes are eaten all around the world throughout the year but in some countries special days are reserved such as Shrove Tuesdays, Easter and lot more. Pancakes are thin cakes made of batter of milk, flour, sugar, butter and eggs baked in a griddle or fried in a pan. At times buttermilk is used in place of milk to make the cake more fluffy and soft.

Different places carry different tales with the pancakes. In Newfoundland people add items to the batter and use them to tell future of the family members before cooking the pancake. In France people make a wish, touching the handle of the pan keeping a coin in one hand while tossing the cake. One man was so fond of the pancakes that he ran a race, tossing the pancakes.

Pancakes are served with variety of syrups at different place. Some countries serve it with maple syrup made of sap collected from maple trees; some serve it with jellies and still others with jams. Ready mix for the pancakes is also available in the market.

Some facts recorded about the pancakes tell that Buchinghamshire was the first to celebrate the Pancake Day in 1445. The least amount of time taken for tossing the pancakes for the maximum time was in U. K. when the pancakes were tossed 349 times in 2 seconds. It was in 1994 that the biggest pancake was cooked which weighed three tons and was of 15 meters width in Rochdale. World�s Largest Pancake Breakfast was held in 1986 to celebrate 350th anniversary of Massachusetts and since then this is practiced every year and many people volunteer their help for the same.

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Marley Bleu ( elise) Berry
Rob wrote:
Wow tossed 349 times in 2 seconds. I can't imagine that...

haha, theres something called common sense XD lol do you know much time two seconds is? lol thats almost impossible without something like super powers!

Marley Bleu ( elise) Berry at 09:29PM, May 21st 2012.
why? I love Pancakes and they taste so good.
pancakeater at 05:45AM, May 9th 2011.
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abakar at 12:16PM, Feb 26th 2011.
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abakar at 11:49AM, Feb 26th 2011.
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abakar at 11:48AM, Feb 26th 2011.
Rob wrote: #
Wow tossed 349 times in 2 seconds. I can't imagine that...

Actually, it was 349 times in 2 minutes. I find that just a tad bit more believable!

The largest number of pancakes tossed in the shortest amount of time in the UK is 349 tosses in 2 minutes. (Dean Gould at Felixstowe, Suffolk, 14 January 1995).
NT at 02:32AM, Feb 16th 2011.
Wow tossed 349 times in 2 seconds. I can't imagine that...
Rob at 08:01PM, Dec 27th 2010.

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