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What Is A Tornado?

Tornado is a violent storm commonly known as a twister that brings destruction to people and property. Tornadoes mostly hit the United States of America although they might come anytime and anywhere. Tornadoes are high speed winds that hit the place generally in the months of March to May. The speed and size of the tornado can vary to any extent. Tornadoes are generally accompanied with thunderstorms. Some common signs of tornadoes are dark, blackish green sky, hailstorm and loud sounds like that of a yelling train etc. The main reason of occurrence of a tornado is the meeting of warm air that rises up the ground with the cool air that rushes down to descend. A tornado may rotate either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. The speed of rotation of this funnel shaped tornado is so high that it destroys everything that comes in its way.

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What Causes A Tornado?

The strength of a tornado is so high that it can uproot trees, blow the roofs of the buildings or even crumple down buildings to ashes. The color of a tornado depends upon two factors the surroundings and the time of the day. The tornado is a noisy wind; the sound of which can be either high or low depending upon the obstructions in the way. It has been recorded that almost eight hundred to one thousand tornadoes hit America every year killing 80 people and injuring around fifteen hundred. Other tornado prone areas are south of Canada, south of Africa, some regions of Australia, New Zealand and Asia. “Tri-state” tornado that hit United States of America in March 18, 1925 was the deadliest tornado and tornado in Oklahoma in 1999 was the most destructive tornado known to men. Interesting fact about tornado is that some people survived being in the middle of tornado.

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what is a tornado

Monstrous tornado tearing through Dodge City from natureismetal

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  1. i think the website was GREAT! i loved it all the awesome facts on tornadoes by the way did u know that a tornado can occur at any time of year mostly in May.

  2. This information is very interesting and very educational…I have learnt a lot about tornadoes that I have never known about! 🙂

  3. This is awesome. We have had really bad weather in New Zealand and hearing these facts have helped me understand what’s going on and what wr may need to be aware of if ever in this kind of situation.

  4. tornadoes is the natural course by the God almighty as a result mostly of human error committed.sometimes it comes as a punishement of wrong doing by human being,parherps atimes result from metermophoses actions of natural creatures.only prayer can solve such lots of problems.

  5. Siddharth Ray wrote:
    Really the information is helpful.But i have a doubt that how can people survive inside a “TORNADO”

    Inside the eye of a tornado is completely calm and windless. Only if a tornado “jumps” from the ground and lands with a person within the eye (which is possible) that person wouldn’t be harmed while in the eye.

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