What Is Parler?

what is parler

Parler App

The world of social media remains as competitive as ever. Before Facebook and Instagram there was dominance by Yahoo and a whole other universe called MySpace. Then along came Twitter and Snapchat and of course now we have things like TikTok.

Enter Parler, and not just because they bring another entrant into the fight. TBH, in recent years social media has drifted further away from fun and connections and more and more into bitter and voracious political debate and shenanigans. SMH.

Parler claims it is basically like Twitter but with zero censorship or invasion of one’s right to free speech. We shall see how it goes. Twitter is consistently drawn into using suspensions and bans to “clean up” it’s platform. Even the President struck an EO that allows the government to look at these platforms as publishers instead, meaning they could face liability for the content in multiple different ways.

Parler Sign Up

The user interface looks strikingly similar to that of Twitter, but the colors are generally red and white. Anyone can create an account by clicking the sign up option, and they require you to use a full name, password, user ID, and email address.

Parler uses an “Echo” in a way that sort of combines the OTP of a “like” and a “retweet”. The Echo is used by users who are echoing, or reinforcing if you will, a piece of content that they pass along.

2021 Update

After being shut down during the hoopla surrounding the Presidential election and social media eliminating President Trump, Parler appears to be back from the dead. The NY Post reports that Parler is back after a month being down.


What is Echo on Parler?

Parler users can vote on a post and in effect endorse it or “like” it by clicking the Echo. It is similar to a retweet.

What is Parler App?

Parler is a U.S. based social networking app and website that launched in 2018. Most people compare it to Twitter and many of its users view it as a Twitter that is void of censorship. It is marketed as unbiased and based on free speech.

How does Parler work?

Parler works by empowering users to own their social media experience. It is similar to Twitter but marketed as free of censorship and upholding free speech principles.

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