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training in customer service

“The customer at the heart of the company” is the maxim of companies that have integrated new directions that lead to success. All employees must know how to communicate with their internal or external customers. When communication techniques are mastered, the experience remains the missing link in customer satisfaction. Resolutely active, this training in customer service, customer’s relationship practices are based on scenarios allowing realistic training in specific cases. Objective: To become an expert in all customer relationship situations.

Who Should Attend?

  • For who
  • Any employee having face-to-face and telephone contacts with internal and external customers.
  • Prerequisites

This program, based on the training of participants, is open to participants who have already received training in the fundamentals of communication. The preliminary questionnaire sent to the participants makes it possible to revise these fundamentals.

The training program

1- Make a difference in simple situations

2 – Good advice in commercial situations

3 – Defuse stressful situations

4 – Manage disputes well to retain customers

5 – Unite its internal customers

6 – Remote activity

The objectives of the training

Become an expert in all customer relationship situations. Develop reflexes in stressful situations.

Sales, an essential link

The salesforce plays a major role in the success of your customer satisfaction and loyalty strategy. The salesperson must be a good salesperson, of course, but he must also be able to create a lasting and trusting relationship with his customers, to pass on useful information to the various departments of the company and to analyze his customer portfolio … And for your loyalty program to be successful, membership is essential.

It is advisable to include the sales manager or representatives of the sales force in the transversal committee responsible for designing the program. A smart way to make sure that the chosen mechanics will support the salespeople in their task in particular and not put them in the way. Awareness sessions, and even training, are to be planned so that they take ownership of the program and know how to promote it and when and to whom to brandish it as a sales argument. Why not set up an incentive system? A well-thought-out challenge and bonuses know how to motivate employees, even the most reluctant to change.

It is difficult for companies to measure the effectiveness of their loyalty programs

64% of SMEs do not know, cannot measure, or cannot demonstrate the ROI of their customer experience management programs (CEM or Customer experience management). This is the main result of a survey published in mid-May, a specialist in customer experience management software and services, among 1,000 companies of all sizes around the world. But what is CEM? If this concept is well known in Anglo-Saxon countries, it is less widespread in France. It is in fact the collection of customer information throughout the purchase journey, from all the company’s departments: customer relations, after-sales service, accounting call center, data from blogs, and social networks. The latter believes that “the only solution to improve the management of the customer experience is for the different departments of the same company to work transversally. This reorganization and this new organizational dynamic must come from the top: from the management. “

What you must remember

– Once you’ve made sure you’re delivering flawless products and services, you can start a loyalty program. To do this, you must start by identifying the expectations of your customers by questioning them and listening to the feedback from your sales force, and enhance customer services.

– After setting goals and prioritizing them, segment your portfolio. Separate your customers into levels, for example, bronze, silver, gold. Each group is subject to different human and financial efforts.

– The device itself is based, to be effective, on a transactional (rewards) and relational (additional services) mechanism. A monitoring committee must be responsible for regularly measuring the effectiveness of the actions carried out.

How to retain consumers

The consumer is fickle! Multi-brand flutters from point of sale to point of sale, whether virtual or real. The challenge is therefore to make him want to regularly spend his money with you and not with others. Path to follow Preserve the customer relationship in cases of tension. FormTitan has got a great app for Salesforce Form generation and other forms related work.

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