How Daycare Can Help Improve Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

How Daycare Can Help Improve Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Does your dog seem to be getting anxious when you or a family member leave the house? They could have separation anxiety. Read on to find out how daycare can help improve your dog’s separation anxiety.

Defining Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation anxiety in our canines is when our fur baby becomes distressed when left alone. The distress can range from mild to severe. You may notice them harming themselves, chewing on furniture or their kennel or clawing at the door in an attempt to free themselves. It can be challenging as busy adults to help our dogs get rid of this behavior.

Reasons They May Develop Separation Anxiety

There are a few factors that may have contributed to your beloved dog having separation anxiety. If you adopted your dog, their situation might have been less than ideal before you brought them home to be pampered and loved. The breeder could’ve separated your dog from the litter before the pup was ready. Perhaps your dog has recently developed separation anxiety. This anxiety could stem from a recent move, change in your work hours or anything that has changed your dog’s environment or routine.

Why Doggy Daycare Can Help

As dog parents, we want what’s best for our beloved fur babies. We want them to be happy, healthy and well socialized. They are very much like humans and thrive on a set schedule and routine. Enrolling your pup in daycare will establish much-needed structure.

Your dog will receive monitored socialization at daycare. They’ll be able to run around and play with other pups while receiving attention and love from employees.

Daycare is also excellent for allowing your dog to get the exercise they need during the day. You’ll both be able to reap the benefits of a tired dog after a full day of socialization and physical activity. You may notice an improvement in your canine’s separation anxiety after a few visits to doggy daycare.

You may have some anxiety yourself about leaving your dog. Ease your worried thoughts by calling a daycare facility and asking them all the questions. Doggy daycare could be the right thing to help improve your dog’s separation anxiety.

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