Sports That Don’t Require You To Be an Athlete

Sports That Don’t Require You To Be an Athlete

When you hear the word “sports,” your mind probably conjures up images of athletes who have trained to the peak of their physical capabilities. They’re likely throwing or kicking some sort of ball. However, not every sport calls for high levels of strength, running speed, and cardiovascular endurance. Some focus more on technical skills that are highly specific to their rulesets. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or want to get into a less conventional competitive activity, you should read this list of sports that don’t require you to be an athlete.


You can visit the bowling alley when you want something to do with a larger group of friends. You can go deeper into bowling by joining a bowling team and league where you face people who have honed their throwing techniques. You’ll find that spares and strikes aren’t as rare as you thought, and you’ll be able to push your abilities farther. Even as part of a team, you can treat bowling as a casual activity, if that’s more to your liking.


Pool is quite exhilarating because you can apply different strategies and make moves extremely precise. Like bowling, you’ve probably played pool for fun at some point. But if you’re still hungry for more, you can start watching how the pros approach tough situations and try to emulate them to pull off impressive feats. For those who enjoy a slower pace, pool is a good activity to try.

Competitive Eating

Competitive eating is a sport that doesn’t require you to be an athlete. But this doesn’t mean it doesn’t require some crazy talent and experience to succeed in it. You’ll often see people defy logic by eating huge amounts of food even though they aren’t physically large. Maybe you’ve watched a few of the classic hotdog competitions on Coney Island or some episodes from food challenge shows. You may also be a fan of Matt Stonie, a competitive eater who posts some impressive videos on YouTube. Wherever you find inspiration, if you want to put your high metabolism and bottomless appetite to the test, you might want to try this sport.

Drone Racing

Drones are becoming more common, and many people use them to take videos and photographs from aerial positions. But did you know that there’s also a league dedicated to drone racing? This emerging sport feels like it’s come straight out of a cartoon or sci-fi movie. Drone racing pilots wear special headgear to gain a first-person view of what their drone’s camera picks up. With a controller, they direct their drones through courses full of obstacles to reach the finish line before others. To start with this sport, you’ll need to learn more about the top racing drones to buy. Once you have one, you can practice maneuvering with it to then enter races yourself.

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