Millions Of Biometric Records Collected By Companies And Governments Left Exposed On The Web

biometric data storage and abuse

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Interesting Facts About Biometric Data breaks the story here, and it raises some very important facts and issues. The government and private corporations want our biometric data, but then what? Where is it being stored? Who is securing it? Not to mention if Big Tech and the government should have this type of power anyways.

1 Million fingerprints were hacked and stolen from a general database. Likely just the tip of the iceberg.

How much data and what type exactly do these behemoths like Facebook have on the people?

from the one-stop-shopping-for-identity-thieves dept One of the many problems with collecting biometric data is you need to have someplace safe to store it. Sure, you could lock it away in something disconnected from the net, but then it’s not much use to the dozens of private companies and government […]

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