Ways To Never Get Locked Out of Your House Again

Ways To Never Get Locked Out of Your House Again

Thinking proactively about how to keep our things safe and secure is something that everyone should practice. It will prevent any potential trouble that may find us off guard.

Therefore, if we are careful about how we engage with the world and our own things, we can strategically plan our days to remain proactive. Then we provide ourselves with ways to never get locked out of our houses again through thoughtful intention and vigilance.

Change Out the Doorknob

It’s extremely common to hear about doors with locks on the knobs to lock on their own or lock when closed hard. It might be a better idea to change out the lock system altogether and just replace the former with a knob that doesn’t include a built-in lock.

It’s better to have the locking systems to take place inside the door and never the knob or levers to prevent having to call a locksmith. The last option would be to attempt to pick it yourself. The next thing to think about is whether you will need to have multiple keys for the many locks that you have.

Keep a Spare

You might decide to keep a spare on your person, but that’s a lot of trouble keeping up with two sets of keys all the time. So instead, you might decide to keep the extra set in your vehicle or in a lockbox outside of your vehicle. You could also keep another lockbox somewhere safe outside of your home, where only you would know where to look.

Entrust Someone With a Key

This may not be a failsafe, but it is certainly an option that more people might want to consider if something happens. Trusting another person with having your key in their possession might be your only shot at having an advanced level of security that you can trust in. That person could also make copies for you to keep so that you would always have a backup, and so would they.

Smart Locks

Technology has certainly taken us into a new age, and smart locks are no exception to this rule. By switching out your traditional locks for smart locks, only you will know the code to get in. You will also be able to check it from afar and get notifications sent to you via your smartphone to keep you updated on what is going on at home while you’re at work or out in the world.

If we plan strategically and think intelligently about how we execute ways to never get locked out of our houses again, then we will be able to go anywhere freely. This is something that we should all practice daily so that we can have full control over our lives. Even the best of us who are responsible and tend to keep track of things also lose things from time to time.

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