Exploradio: Microplastics Are Everywhere, Including the Water We Drink

facts about microplastics

Interesting Facts About Microplastics

WKSU.org shines more light on the issue with plastics and the presence of plastics in areas that are dangerous for humans. We indicated in other posts that the amount of plastics being consumed by humans is alarming, and the presence of black plastics is particularly concerning.

So much of just the very basics of life and society still needs resolution such as the water we drink and how much we actually know about the ocean.

Our use of plastics has skyrocketed in recent decades, and plastic pollution is now endangering all of the world’s ocean and freshwater ecosystems. Microplastics are also ending up inside our bodies with unknown health consequences. Lake Erie has one of the highest concentrations of microplastic pollution in the world. […]

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