Key Tips for Keeping Your Data Center Secure

Key Tips for Keeping Your Data Center Secure

Data center usage has been on the rise since around 2016, and that growth won’t slow down any time soon. A data center holds all the pertinent data and information for your business, and if that’s lost, stolen, or removed, your business may face some major issues. Don’t want that to happen? Follow these key tips for keeping your data center secure.

Make Sure You Have a Good Backup

If the power goes out, what happens to the data? If you don’t have a solid, sure-footed answer to this, then trouble may be on the horizon. These areas should supply uninterrupted power to data centers 100% of the time. Without that constant transportation of data, whether from a power surge or power loss, you may need a total system restart.

So, what do you do? First, ensure that the center has reliable power distribution equipment in case of emergency. A stand-by generator is also a necessity. Don’t let things get haphazard. Ensure you always have backups on hand.

Ensure Security Throughout

When you’re first purchasing a data center of any kind, pay close attention to the various security features. Each and every aspect of the center should have secure features within. Part of that means using a management system that notices open ports and closes them right away. When there are open ports, that leaves more room for attacks.

Run Regular Maintenance and Audit Checks

As with anything, you must run regular maintenance checks. When we leave things alone for too long, that could lead to things breaking, attacking, and malfunctioning. Regarding data centers, it’s even more essential to have a consistent audit check done. Plan out everything from daily security checkups to quarterly Service Organization Control (SCI) and Payment Card Industry audits. The more specific you are about the timing of these maintenance checks, the better chance you have of catching something before it goes downhill.

Hopefully, these three quick tips for keeping your data center secure give you the start you need to stay successful.

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