Useful Inventions We Take for Granted Every Day

Useful Inventions We Take for Granted Every Day

All sorts of items used in your everyday life were invented by someone. Many useful inventions we take for granted every day are part of our households. You probably don’t realize how some of the most common objects in your home became part of our daily lives. Keep reading to learn about some of the most essential.

Light Bulbs

Used in homes and buildings throughout the world, light bulbs serve an important purpose that you may take for granted until that purpose is no longer being served. Most modern light bulbs last for decades, so you rarely need to replace them.

Many people believe the first light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison because he filed patents for his design in 1879. In fact, Humphry Davy created a light bulb in 1802 during his experiments. Regardless, both bulbs operated under the same principle and have evolved into the modern lights we take for granted today.


You find zippers on everything from clothing like jackets to outdoor gear for camping and deep-sea diving. You rely on these protective fasteners to secure all sorts of items. The fascinating history of the zipper includes a premier at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair where it didn’t receive much attention. In 1913, designer Gideon Sunback reengineered the zipper into the mechanism we recognize today.

Toilet Paper

The first people to use paper as a wipe were the Chinese around late 500 A.D. They began manufacturing it by the early 14th century. We generally take for granted that this material will be around until we experience a shortage.


The invention of the lock and key system dates back to Ancient Rome, around 700 B.C. A variety of lock styles emerged then and have come to market since. Though key systems have evolved to password protection locks, bolt systems still exist as an override for most systems. Keys are unique to their locks; if you have a quality lock, only your key will be able to unseal it.

From potato chips to your dishwasher, useful inventions we take for granted every day are all around you. Like electricity—some were accidents—and like glasses—some were incredibly purposeful. Look around your world to appreciate each piece of quality engineering.

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