Facts You Didn’t Know About Technology

  1. The QWERTY keyboard was actually designed to slow down typing

The first versions of typewriters were created in the 1800s and had technical issues because of the layout. Typewriters have lots of mechanisms involved and when timing, the metal arms that the letters are on, would get jammed and clash if they were pressed too quickly or if certain keys were pressed at the same time. We’ve seen specialized IT Support needed in cases where technology is not being used properly, an increase in IT Support for Croydon showed that more user-friendly tech was needed in areas of the UK. Christopher Latham Sholes wanted to solve this problem and tried many alterations, but the QWERTY keyboard was finally developed by E. Remington and Sons, which completely solved the issue of the typing bars getting jammed. Also, consider managed network services from crown computers.

  1.  Wikipedia is not maintained by humans

We all know that wikipedia is one of the most well-known websites around the world. It was created by and is still edited by volunteers, but the maintenance of the website is run entirely by bots. Wikipedia has over 52 million English Wikipedia pages and there are 2468 taks approved to be completely run by bots.  These bots do things like correcting spelling, creating new pages, etc. They can even reset pages back to the original versions to prevent vandalism. Sometimes you’ll find updates in the most random places, we’ve seen information for expert services, such as Office 365 Consultant Support, where useful information was posted. These bots can be helpful in situations like this, they can be created by anyone, but they have to be approved by the Bot Approval Group before they can be used.

  1. Amazon.com was not always called Amazon

When Jeff Bezos was starting out, he tried many names for his business. The first official name he registered was Cadabra Inc. After getting feedback that the name was too strange, he continued to try to find new names. Some other names were bookmall.com, awake.com, relentless.com and browse.com. Today Bezos still owns relentless.com but it automatically directs you to amazon.com.

  1. Google was almost sold in 1999

Larry Page was in talks about selling Google to Excite. The deal was for $750,000 and 1% ownership of Excite but the deal fell through. There are two theories about why this happened. Did you know that companies make use of specialized IT Support to help them, Google, Microsoft are examples of how Business IT Support London Solutions can help provide companies thrive and grow. The first is that The CEO of Excite dropped the deal because Larry Page wanted him to replace its technology with Google’s technology. But in a book by Steven Levy, he revealed that the CEO of Excite was not impressed with the performance of Google’s algorithm. He felt that because of Google’s search engine providing relevant search results, it would take users away from Google and make it difficult to gain and maintain traffic to their focus, which was the Excite webpages.

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