The Workplace Benefits of Learning First Aid for Employers and Employees

Feeling safe at work is important for every employee and employer. Of course, not every job is dangerous to carry out. However, there are some elements that should be identified to ensure basic safety assessments and processes are adhered to in any workplace. General health and safety aspects include everything from using machinery correctly to lifting a heavy box. While these may sound obvious, you may be surprised at how many people have accidents in the workplace due to simple tasks. So, it’s essential to understand how safety procedures apply to work life.

Alongside the main health and safety procedures at work, knowing first aid is hugely beneficial. Typically, every company should have first aid trained people, especially if employees are handling hazardous materials or machinery. However, having a first aid box and an appointed person to look after this is usually sufficient in lower-risk workplaces.

In order to understand when a workplace needs a trained first aider, the HSE recommends carrying out a needs assessment to help you make necessary arrangements. This will identify areas of your workplace and the hazards or risks present.

While some environments may not require a first aider, training employees in this area has benefits. Not only can it help at work, but it’s also a valuable life skill to have.

Take a look at some of the main benefits of having first aid trained staff for employers and employees:

Benefits for employers

Quick response in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, having staff that can respond quickly is invaluable. In addition, anyone trained in first aid can carry out basic preventative measures, which could avoid further issues.

May decrease accident rates

Training people in first aid is a great way to promote preventative measures throughout the business. When people are more conscious of health and safety in the workplace, it becomes second nature to follow procedures. As an employer, doing as much as possible to reduce the likelihood of accidents and emergencies is a significant benefit in reducing employee sick days.

Improves skills and promotes a good working environment

Making first aid courses available to staff is an excellent way to improve an employee’s skill set at work and in life. All types of training courses are a perfect way to show people you care about their wellbeing and development, which in turn promotes a more positive workplace. First aid courses can also take place in teams at work, making it a great way to connect with colleagues and improve team building.

Benefits for employees

Safer working environment

If you feel safe at work, it will help you feel happier and more content in your job. Knowing first aiders are on hand in an emergency also gives peace of mind, especially in higher-risk environments. Alongside these benefits, employees that undertake first aid training also gain a life skill that is transferable in a range of circumstances.

Safer when working alone

Some jobs require isolated working conditions. So would you know what to do in an emergency with no one around? Employees that work alone benefit from taking a first aid course as it prepares for a range of emergencies, including ill health and accidents. The course also provides advice on how to remain calm and confident during any incidents, including if someone experiences it alone.

Boosts confidence

There’s nothing worse than feeling unprepared in an emergency situation. However, when undertaking a training course, this helps to improve confidence. Understanding the processes and steps to take in a range of issues, from trips and falls to medical emergencies, provides a good foundation to stay calm and composed during the event. This training also helps to give direction to others around you so they can help rather than hinder the efforts.

Health and safety is an essential feature in every workplace. When employees receive adequate instruction in areas such as first aid, it benefits both employers and staff members. To assess your need for trained first aiders, check out the advice on the HSE website and book relevant courses suited to your requirement. Instructors will come to the workplace and carry out simulated events to mimic those in an emergency. Getting a team together and working on learning the necessary steps depending on the incident will bring a more positive and safety-conscious work environment to the forefront. Happy and safe staff are more productive, and this fosters a more rewarding environment for everyone.

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