The Eternal Flame In Iraq

The Eternal flame in Iraq is the name lent to flames coming out of the natural gas vents since thousands of years at ‘Baba Gurgur’ oilfield in Kirkuk, which lies two hundred and fifty kilometers to the north-east of Baghdad. This was discovered for the first time in Northern Iraq in 1927. The name in Kurdish means ‘father of flames’. Before the discovery of the ‘Ghawar fields’ in Saudi Arabia in 1950s, the ‘Baba Gurgur’ oilfield was the largest oilfield. Numerous poems have been since then written on these ever burning flames. The Eternal Fire was first described by Herodotus and ancient Greek author Plutarch.
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4 Comments on “The Eternal Flame In Iraq”

  1. LOVE the photo of the soldiers doing push ups at Baba Gurgur. I think one of them must have just re-enlisted, that’s usually the reason guys are holding up a flag for a photo shoot in Iraq. I served 15 months in Kirkuk, where Baba Gurgur is located.

  2. Baba Gurgur, the ancient holy place of Kurd.
    There is also a song in Kurdish about this place.

    With my respect to the soldiers & the flag
    And my love G. W. Bosh & operation Iraqi freedom
    May I ask where is Kurdish flag ?

    Journalist: Ary B.

  3. Where is Boots and Coots?
    Where is Neal Adams?
    Where are the firefighters who are proud of their history?
    Show me your ability by puting this mother ****er out. ha?

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