Facts About Fish Waste

plastics made from fish waste

There is a major issue with how much plastic humans are eating due to the inevitable pollution of our water, especially the ocean. In fact, we do not even know what the heck is truly in our own ocean.

Maybe there’s a way to make a biodegradable plastic using natural items. Enter the bioplastic made from fish waste. A student in 2019 won the James Dyson award and is proposing just that – use fish waste to make environmentally friendly plastic.

Lucy Huhges has invented MarinaTex – made from fish scales and skin.

MarinaTex aims to work on helping and solving some of the bigger problems our planet faces. There is a huge issue related to plastic waste as a whole – specifically the dangers of black plastics. Fortunately this is attracting a lot of innovation, such as the use of bacteria to eat plastics.

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