How Much Plastic Are Humans Eating?

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Microplastic Consumption

A recent study revealed that Americans are consuming an alarming amount of microplastics on an annual basis. The American Chemical Society published a journal piece citing that Americans consume as much as 121,000 microplastic particles per year.

It’s not entirely clear what the long term effects are of this, but those that drink strictly bottled water are consuming over 100,000 particles per year on average. published a piece that dives into some more of the details.

In recent years and months we are seeing more and more cities looking to ban the use of plastics. We see this commonly associated with straws and plastic bags, such as the ones a grocery store uses or another retailer. Boston, MA laid out a thorough plan for doing just this, and that plan can be seen here. published a piece that looked at many of the issues related to the ban on plastic.

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