Environmental Holidays That Are Even Better Than Earth Day

Environmental Holidays That Are Even Better Than Earth Day

Earth Day has had its moment, but are there other eco occasions that no one knows about? Aside from Earth Day, which everyone knows and loves, there are a bunch of different environmental holidays that are even better than Earth Day.

National Dark Sky Week

For the night owl and stargazer, national dark sky week is one you’ll want to mark on your calendar—and frankly, everyone should. During this entire week, states, nations, and people from all over the United States turn their power off to enjoy the night sky, catch a shooting star, or find Mars.

Why Is this Holiday Vital?

This week helps others stay aware of light pollution, especially in densely populated areas. Many are aware of the harm that light pollution causes to their health, wildlife, and climate change.

This event falls in mid-April, giving you enough time to plan for next year. You can expect the week to last from April 17 to 23.

International Forest Day

What better way to honor nature than to visit your favorite public forest preserve? On international forest day, of course! Whether it’s the wilds of the Sequoia Forest that you pine for or the breath of fresh air of the Pisgah National Forest, these wooded areas deserve all the praise and love we have to offer.

Why Is this Holiday Important?

This holiday spreads awareness of forests. Many of them are wiped out for agriculture and horribly planned infrastructure. It’s good to preserve these forests because the trees provide oxygen, which we need to survive.

Dedicate time to hiking, volunteering, and relaxing underneath a tree in your favorite wooded area on March 21.

Biodiversity Day

Biodiversity day is one you likely have heard of, and one many biologists love to commemorate. Coming together on this holiday, scientists shed light on many causes of climate change, one of them being too much consumption of the world, which endangers neighboring species.

Why Is the Occasion Crucial?

Every day should be biodiversity day, mainly because it sheds light on the destruction of vast environments. Overgrowing crops and migrating to vulnerable spaces force many things in surrounding environments to shift.

Spend the day learning about local ecosystems and how you can prevent further damage. Additionally, visit local sanctuaries and volunteer to restore susceptible areas—biodiversity day is May 22.

National Day of America Recycling

America has its own recycling day, and no one knew! Although Americans recycle, it’s not as much as you’d hope. While creating better approaches to recycling, it’s essential to host different cleanup events in town to inspire others to dispose of their waste correctly.

Encourage others to clean up the local park with you on November 15—the official date for American Recycling Day. These are some of the best environmental holidays that aren’t Earth Day, and we can’t wait to celebrate each one!

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