3 Tips for Traveling With a Lockpick Set

3 Tips for Traveling With a Lockpick Set

The once-held taboo of carrying a lockpick should not be your concern if traveling. If you take tools like these, you’re more likely to be capable of getting yourself out of tight spots. This is a good thing in the event of an emergency, such as accidentally locking yourself out of your hotel room or rental car. Here are just a few tips for traveling with a lockpick set to keep you prepared for anything.

Always Carry Lubricant

No matter what, you should always have a buffer when you’re tooling around with locks. You don’t know how old they are and what kind of build-up and corrosion is inside them. Their moving parts may be difficult to get moving if you aren’t raking the insides out. To prevent having to fight with the task, just lube up the lock and your pick. This will avoid unnecessary tension on your picks and prevent you from breaking any of them in the lock, which makes it twice as difficult to get open.

Consider Positioning

Sometimes locks can be in weird or tight angles, throwing you off your game. If you remember where you started, you’ll know how to position yourself and where your body should be. Keeping yourself aligned with the lock will make getting into it much easier, but if you forget this step, it could mean being with that device a lot longer than expected. Having a lockpick set with a wide variety of options can ensure you have the right style and angle for any odd job.

Don’t Forget About Temperature

As most people know, metals and other objects tend to expand and contract depending on the temperature and conditions outside. This can add another element to locks, as they are mostly metal. Being that it’s summertime, consider the expansion that the metal lock undergoes during your work. You can cool it off yourself with the right tools or wait for it to cool off before handling it for the best results.

Follow tips for traveling with a lockpick set to ensure you can act if you lock yourself out! Traveling can be stressful, and a little preparation keeps you ready for anything.

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