Crocodile Festival

A unique festival in Karachi is the “Crocodile Festival.”  This is a festival held by the ethnic group called Sheedis in Pakistan.  It is believed that Sheedis came as slaves from Africa.  This festival is held at a shrine in Manghopir, a dry and humid part of Karachi, which dates back to the thirteenth century

The festival works in that the people feed crocodiles and dance and sing.  However, it is the dangling part of the festival that makes this stand out.  A father will take his baby son and dangle it above the jaws of a crocodile.  This is done to find blessings for the child.  During this festival the people will also make pledges to the shrine.  These pledges are given to the crocodiles.

The pledges consist of fresh goat meat. When the crocodiles accept the meat it will be seen as a sign of luck. They suggests that the crocodiles will not attack because they are disciples of the saint known as Khwaja Hasan.
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@AFP: Pakistan’s Sheedi community celebrates annual #SheediMela, or crocodile festival, at Manghopir shrine on outskirts of Karachi from newsbotbot

@AFP: Tasty offerings: Pakistan’s Sheedi celebrate Sheedi Mela – crocodile festival – at Karachi’s Manghopir shrine, home to more than 100 of the reptiles from newsbotbot


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  1. I live in karachi and never heard about this before , I really don’t know where is this shrine where they celebrate it .But really these people are sick

  2. wow, way to hate on other cultures. assuming that as english speakers you come from judeo christian values, will i remind you that certain groups, it is believed that eating an apple damned everyone to hell, and murding god saved them. just saying.

  3. why would he the father be dumb enough to feed that child to tht natsy creacher thats sad tht babay didnt live he/she life because of that bless tht baby

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