8 Fun Things To Do In Houston You Should Know


Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country – you are likely to hear a frozen language, as you stroll in world-class institutions like the Museum of Fine Art or Menil Collection. Visitors should take the time to absorb the city’s incredible art scene through James Turrell’s free “Twilight Epiphany ” skyspace or publicly dot-com Downtown. 

However, the culture here hits everything from pro-sports to Texas experiences, like eating barbecue and watching the calf-calf at the world’s biggest rodeo, to be fitted for the Basic cowboy boots. Don’t these things inspire you? These are just a few things, many more things you can do while in Houston. So, why wait? just plan your getaway now and book southwest airlines reservations online and save up to 40% off on every booking. Pack your bags and make your checklist from these listed fun things to do in Houston and enjoy your holiday trip.

Highlighting the things to do in Houston to make your trip unforgettable: 

Museum of Contemporary Art Houston

The Museum of Contemporary Art Houston is situated in the famous stainless steel building in the center of the Houston Museum District. It is a non-collectible museum, so it has two floors of rotating exhibitions that showcase a mix of international artists and regional works. Unlike other behemoths in the Museum District, the scope here is more narrow and agreeable – and perfect for absorbing in a single visit. 

Texas Asia Society Center

The Texas Asia Society is one of the twelve centers of the Asia Society. This society strengthens the relationship between Americans and the people, leaders, and institutions of Asia. design elements include glass walls, wooden frames, temporary staircases, a sculpture garden, an infinity pond, and a modern water feature that gives rise to mist due to the blurring effect. 

Forth and Nomad

Heights Mercantile is a hip retail and restaurant development consisting of a mix of national and local shops, some housed in restored bungalows. Forth and Nomad are designed to reflect the heartbeat of this neighborhood, renowned for its support of local brands and business. Merchandised like a mini gallery, the lifestyle boutique is a rotating mix of leather goods, succulents, artisan cocktail instruments, jewelry, candles, and other accessories made by area designers.  


During your appointment-only design consultation at the slick showroom, friendly staff will tell you how they source their leather – using similar tanneries in Italy and France as luxury brands like Hermes and giving you every look at your custom help to select aspect. Handmade cowboy boots, designed to fit each of your feet. Sal Maida is a well-known bootmaker and he will often lead consultations via Skype from the production factory on Interstate 10. After about a month, you will return for a fitting. 

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Located on the edge of Harman Park, Houston Park, the Houston Museum of Natural Science Museum is one of the most visited attractions in the district. Its four stories of galleries and halls are grand in both their scale and their offerings. Be sure to close by the two-story Morian Hall of Paleontology, full of scientific delight, from large-scale replicas of prehistoric animals to huts fossilized dinosaurs

Hiram Butler Gallery

The Hiram Butler Gallery focuses first and foremost on lesser-known American artists, as the gallery’s famous founder made it his mission to raise the profile to lesser-known artists. It incorporates the work of modernist artists such as Robert Rauschenberg to Daniel Beren, as well as mid-level artists like Brazilian artist Clarissa Cousin. It is small and it is free but is still best suited for those with a serious passion for modern art and unusual galleries: if you are expecting a Museum of Fine Arts, this is not for you. 

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

The headquarters and brewery are housed in a huge three-story red brick building, which was originally built in 1914 on the edge of downtown. Currently, the brewery welcomes guests to its spacious outdoor beer garden at 2000 Lions Avenue, where you can have a range of beers and some solid bar food

Minute Maid Park 

Chow down to exclusive dishes like the tortilla-wrapped hot dog with hot Cheetos, queso, sour cream, and pico from Taurasse Tacos. Also, even if you are not a baseball fan, the atmosphere alone is worth the ticket price. Before you know it you will be rooting for the home team. 

Miller Outdoor Theatre

The Miller Outdoor Theater in Harman Park, one of Houston’s most spectacular cultural gems, has been staging free outdoor performances since 1923. With eight months of free art programming every year, the tilted lawn in front of the stage is packed with blankets and locals for picnics. Just check the event calendar before your trip and book tickets if necessary. In addition, it is a great way to enjoy and return to some fantastic Texan weather without being accused of laziness. 

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