5 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress & Anxiety In Your Daily Life

how to reduce stress

Stress and anxiety have become an increasing threat to the well being of millions of people worldwide. Whether we face a minor hurdle or a significant challenge, stress has become an intricate part of our lifestyle today.  Over 48% of adults in the United States alone suffer from anxiety or stress-related disorders.

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Sometimes the effect of stress could become more intense or overwhelming, and it could induce a chronic mental health problem. These conditions can harm overall health and productivity. Therefore taking the right steps to relieve stress regularly will help you stay happy and healthy. Here are five ways you can ease stress and anxiety.

1. Exercise

Physical activity is a simple way to manage your everyday stress and cope with the effects of anxiety. Indulging in any activity of your choice that burns some calories can positively impact your mental health. Exercise releases feel-good hormones or endorphins in your system. It helps to relax your muscles that might be subconsciously sore or stiff. Sparing at least 20 minutes of your time every day for any of these activities can enhance your overall health.

When we say exercise, it doesn’t always refer to powerlifting or intense cardio in the gym. The aim of exercising is to exert your body a little to trigger the release of hormones that can improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

So you can choose fun activities such as dancing, Zumba, hiking, kayaking, or strength training. These activities provide the required physical activity and give you a sense of achievement to motivate you to perform better. Such exciting hobbies can keep your mind and body refreshed, energized, and rejuvenated. They can be an effective way of coping with stress and anxiety and staying fit.

2. Herbal Remedies  

Herbal supplements can also be an effective way to ease stress and anxiety. Some herbs such as ashwagandha and parsley are natural adaptogens. They help regulate the natural stress response of the body and promote wellness.

Similarly, enjoying a concoction or tea infused with chamomile, valerian root, Kava Kava can influence your mood and induce euphoria. It can relax the mind and body and help cope with the effects of stress.

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Another herbal remedy you can use for curbing anxiety is CBD. Studies show that the cannabinoid can be a safer and more effective alternative to benzodiazepines to help cope with anxiety. Consuming CBD in the form of tinctures, edibles, oils, can aid in stress relief as well.

3. Eat Healthily

A healthy diet is an effective way to achieve physical and mental wellness. The type of foods we consume directly influence the various chemicals in our body. The gut-brain axis is an important parameter to keep in mind as the gut’s lining constitutes several serotonin receptors. A diet that primarily includes junk or fried food will not only affect the health of your digestive system. You can try baked edibles in order to get a good healthy diet.It will also cause serious mental problems such as increased stress, anger management issues, and anxiety.

Choosing the right foods for your meal that provide a balance of all necessary nutrients is crucial. Avoid consuming foods that induce a stimulating effect, such as caffeine or alcohol. It would elevate your stress or anxiety levels.

Choose foods that help to balance your blood sugar level. For example, complex carbohydrates take a long time for digestion and hence do not cause sugar spikes in the system. This way, you will feel calmer and relaxed compared to your emotional state when you consume sugary drinks or foods that could make you jittery and anxious. 

4. Listen To Music

Music has a deep connection with our emotions, and this relationship can help ease your stress and anxiety. Listening to music has a tremendous effect on your mental health as it helps to relax the mind and body. It calms your nervousness, reduces your heartbeat, alleviates stress hormones, and balances your blood pressure to keep you in a comfortable psychological and physiological state.

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One of the most apparent reasons for stress is dwelling on sad or problematic thoughts, memories, or worrying about the future. When your mind remains constantly occupied in these thoughts, it can make you feel nervous, uncomfortable, depressed, overwhelmed, all of which can increase stress hormone levels.

Music absorbs your attention and keeps your mind from wandering into stress-inducing thoughts. It is like a form of meditation that can help with relaxation. Different individuals have varying music preferences. Therefore choose a playlist that is most suitable for your mood. Find a comfortable place to listen to your music and relax. Avoid videos as it could become a distraction. Instead, close your eyes and focus on the music and enjoy it.

5. Aroma And Massage Therapy

Aromatherapy is a popular method for relieving stress and anxiety. The process can help boost energy, induce relaxation, and calm your mind. Based on the essential oils you choose for the process, you can receive several amazing benefits from this therapy. For example, lavender oil helps relieve anxiety and encourage heavy relaxation. It can alter brain wave activity and alleviate stress hormones in the system to ease the effects of anxiety. There are several ways of using aromatherapy, such as through diffusers, candles, or even body products. You can consider performing the same at home or in the spa for effective stress relief.

Similarly, massage therapy can also have a significant impact on stress. Physical problems such as body pain, joint ache, and soreness can also induce stress. It can restrict movement and impact the quality of life that can influence your mental health. Massage therapy helps relieve the pain or other physical problems that could cause anxiety. A full body massage can relax the muscles and rejuvenate your mind, making you feel calm and happy.  


These are some of the most effective ways of easing anxiety and stress at home. These simple habits can have a wonderful impact on your overall health. Combining these methods with any existing treatments can also be beneficial to elevate the effects. Therefore taking the right steps to relieve stress regularly will help you stay happy and healthy.


What are some healthy remedies?

Herbal supplements can also be an effective way to ease stress and anxiety. Some herbs such as ashwagandha and parsley are natural adaptogens. They help regulate the natural stress response of the body and promote wellness.

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