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The story of the 256 old year man

In our today world it is impossible for one to believe that a man can live up to the age of 150 years let alone 256 years. According to Time magazine and the New York Times that were published in the year 1933, there died a man whose age was 256 years. I am not sure if he was lucky to have lived up to this age or not.

He went by the name of Li Ching-Yun. In his lifetime he was able to bury 23 wives. He was able to get 180 descendants by the time of his death. If he were in Africa he would have been the role model of many men as the worth of a man was measured by the number of wives and children one had.
Li Ching-Yun claimed that the secret to his long life was sitting like a tortoise, sleeping like a dog, walking sprightly like a pigeon and keeping a quiet heart. He shared this information with a warlord that wanted to know what to do to live that long. Li insisted that peace of mind and calmness were the main contributors to his long life. For those that wonder what the man ate, you will be surprised to learn that he mainly consumed rice and wine.

Not much is known about the early life of Li Chung. The information that is known would be that he was born in the same town where he died. This would be in the province of Szechwan in China. He was literate by the age of ten and often traveled to Shansi, Tibet, Kansu and Manchuria to get herbs.

He continued selling herbs for almost 100 years. He sold his own herbs and also other peoples herbs. Time magazine also indicates that his fingernails were six inches long.

Many people by the age of 80 are usually shriveled and cannot do a lot of things for themselves. Surprisingly Li was very youthful and could do a lot for himself. This lead to many people doubting if he was that old.
Li admitted that he was born in the year 1736 and us this would make him only 197 years contrary to the supposed 256 years. It is a professor at the Minuko University that proved that Li was born in the year 1677. He was able to proof this by producing records that show that the Chinese government honored him on his 200th birthday.

This leads to the huge question if Li had forgotten his own age or was he even the legit Li. Looking at it from a medical perspective, it seems impossible for one to be able to live for that long. The age of Li has surpassed the official record by more than 130 years. It is claimed that he looked like a sixty year old.

The only reasonable conclusion would be that he either had a superhuman body or all this stories are mere exaggerations. Problem is we may never know the complete truth

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Bobby at 12:53AM, Jan 30th 2015.
me at 12:50AM, Jan 30th 2015.
This is an early scenario similar to Aubrey De Grey's theories.
raymondo at 04:23AM, Jan 21st 2014.
It's simple he's Yoda!
Emily at 11:20AM, Jan 6th 2014.
robin stachnik
The oldest verified living person was 123 so apparently "God let her live past 120 years".
robin stachnik at 03:25PM, Nov 10th 2013.
Richard at 11:09AM, Sep 30th 2013.
I meant Tara not tracy sorry
jim at 10:55PM, Sep 29th 2013.
Tara young wrote:
In the bible it says god will let no man surpass the age of 120 years.

Nowhere does the bible say God limited the age of man! in fact it says the opposite. Methuselah was over 800 years old Adam was 940 moses was 150! Ever hear of John the revelator ? He is still alive today and will continue to be until Christ's return! I think you need to read the bible again Tracy !
jim at 10:54PM, Sep 29th 2013.
I think this is very true.He lived in a time of no cars,no fast food,or greed.He lived his live with out being stressed out.You are is what you eat.The herbs have so many great things and many things we don't even know about.He knew what he was doing and he did it.There are others who lived long lives back in those days,but today with all the crap going around and poisons in our food,air,water ect sooner or later our live span will go down farther than it is right now.
ratstooth at 09:43AM, Mar 7th 2013.
*cough* chinese highlander *cough* *cough*
James at 08:21AM, Mar 5th 2013.
Tara young wrote:
In the bible it says god will let no man surpass the age of 120 years.

Yeah....and the bible is complete bull****.
Kelsey at 10:43PM, Sep 18th 2012.
Tara young
In the bible it says god will let no man surpass the age of 120 years.
Tara young at 11:57PM, Jul 4th 2012.
Do you believe in ghosts?

Then you should believe this.
Samuel at 01:32AM, Feb 15th 2012.

JASKARAN at 04:11AM, Feb 8th 2012.
Matt personal trainer
Genetics have been proved medically to change up tp 40% in a lifetime - so mutation is actually a fact of life . But be warned ; you can also mutate the other way too negatively ! Cold weather freezes meat , you too . Eating less calories adds years onto your life , just make sure its the right calories ( blood type ,) then less calories = more than enough ! Atoms spin ; the solar system and stars move , imitate this ; the reason why the Universe still exists ! The brain is a muscle , so keep on studying or atrophy of thoughts occur and the brains health diminishes !!Is it possible to live to 260 years ; of course it is - studies in bio-geometrical shapes in the body prove this and more !
Matt personal trainer at 03:45PM, Dec 22nd 2011.
They did some studies on rats and found if they gave them like 60% of thier calorie "needs" they would live 30%+ longer.. if his genes would have let him live to 200 (a possibility) the low calorie diet could account for the 56 years easily.
lee at 05:24AM, Sep 27th 2011.
I don't think so it is true means nobody can live till 256 years and above that the person is saying that reason behind his long life is peace of mind means if this is true then person having 23 Wives in his life can never be peaceful minded. I have a really serious doubts about his life and age.
p.s. plz ignore my grammatical mistakes
sadnya at 06:57AM, Sep 15th 2011.
Hello! What are these people talking......i mean how is it possible a 256 year old can't just be possible......if I'm right these are exaggerations....I agree you need to check the whole fact for lots of grammatical is full of know when I was reading I started hiccuping....NOT POSSIBLE!!!!!he himself claims he is 197 years old and you make it 256 you raised it by 99 years......he has to be an alien to live that long.....!!!
Anisha at 03:11AM, Jun 8th 2011.
Dr. Obmens
Yes lets put playing God in quotes...that makes it less true. People have never made or done something that went completely wrong. I have a dollar coming your way Dr. Obmens.I've got faith in "you".

I have no idea how to respond. I can only assume that you agree. Because it's good for my ego and because I didn't really understand sentence nr 2.
And either way, there's no point in making assumptions either way. Once our research is done we will know for sure, one way or another. Which doesn't sound completely fair because as far as I can tell no one will give up on trying to live forever because they "couldn't make it work". I like quotes. =P
Dr. Obmens at 04:53PM, May 11th 2011.
Dr. Obmens wrote:
Out of a medical perspective - a mutation within a person's chromosomes can really do many changes to people. Most such "mutants" die upon birth. But it's not impossible that one out of a billion is born with such genetic mutations that allow his body to remain functional for longer period of time than it's "normal". It's very, very improbable but not impossible. It's not an "Incredible Hulk" scenario. 100 years + or - can easily be affected by genetic mutations with modern medicine if only we can get the proper funds from either private backers or governments. Unfortunatelly most seem to feel that we are "playing God".
Yes lets put playing God in quotes...that makes it less true. People have never made or done something that went completely wrong. I have a dollar coming your way Dr. Obmens.I've got faith in "you".

gsin at 09:40PM, Apr 25th 2011.
I think he is Still ALIVE!!! He just had to fake his DEATH, for obvious reasons!
Ammonia at 04:49PM, Apr 21st 2011.
hes totally a freak....28 wives,how totally badass...hes smoking on his herbs
jizz at 11:37PM, Apr 20th 2011.
He must have been smoking his 'herbs' lol
John at 03:21PM, Apr 19th 2011.
jagbir wrote: #

I know what that means...
Tanya at 06:27PM, Apr 3rd 2011.
jordan k. wrote: #
This is completely impossible. HIS HEART WOULD HAVE BEEN OVERUSED

Tanya at 06:21PM, Apr 3rd 2011.

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