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As we all know Atom is smallest particle of an element still having the same chemical properties of the element. There are 2 sextillion atoms of oxygen in one drop of the water. Particles smaller then Atom are called subatomic particles. Electrons, protons and neutrons are the three major subatomic particles. Today scientists understand that protons and neutrons are made of even smaller particles called quarks which are tied together with particles called gluons.

It is believed that an atom is made of 200 or more than 200 subatomic particles because it is told that in an atom there is so much space and electrons take only 1/1000th volume. That space may have more subatomic particles in it and according to the calculations there may come more than 200 subatomic particles. Bellow is the picture of atoms of gold produced by electronic microscope.

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this makes no sense to me because im only 11 i understood the time travel thing but this is hard to make sense of i mean if there is about 200 subatomic particles and 2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms in a drop of water then there would be about 400 sextillion subatomic particles in one drop of water good thing i studied large numbers(;
kysen at 06:52PM, Nov 9th 2010.
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actually you are all right in your own way and lots of you are going of the ball and making silly mistakes evidently there are lots of subatomic thingys but what this guy is trying to point out that we are on a breakthrough here. it cant be made of nothing because everthing is made of something. think for yourselves people scientists are wrong there is no such thing as a vocume or a god particle creating everthing. everthing is made of something and just because we don't know what it is does not mean it is nothing. honestly you are all as dimbwitted as scientist. back to the point the thing mayank was saying is that there could hundreds of new substances in the atom we have not discovered.
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