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2012 is expected to be year of great positive change. It is not the end of the world! Back in 1899 something was identified called Schumann Cavity Resonance. It is the heart beat or frequency of the Earth. Since its discovery till 1986 this heart beat frequency was constant 7.8 Hertz per second. From 1986 it started to raise dramatically and in 1998 it was reported to be 10 hertz per second. On other hand magnetics of the earth are dropping dramatically and it is expected they will reach zero point in 2012. Maya calendar and other calendars end in 2012, but it is not the end of the world just beginning of the new one since every 26000 years Earth goes through grand cycle of evolution.

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The bible does say that certian things will happen before he returns. They have not yet.
calerid at 09:21PM, Dec 8th 2012.
over the drama
Dude has there ever been anything on the news about this stuff? Has the president told anyone to be "prepared"? What happened in the year 2000 when something was suppose to happen? Nothing. Everything on the internet is for publicity and people wanting you to join their religion. We all have our own religion and faith we believe so lets just respect the Mayans religion and not cause a big fuss about it. There is not scientic proof about 2012 ending or shifting or whatever. Just watch it as the day goes by and to be honest if the world does end then what can we do? Nothing. Relax...
over the drama at 03:57PM, Oct 27th 2012.
i hope we will be fine on that date>
jasvinder at 04:30AM, Aug 15th 2012.
b.k. parul
its very true... m satisfief that it will be a new beginning. bt it will be a racent.. no date can be defined.. as after every 5000years, the cycle of earth repeats...
b.k. parul at 02:52AM, Apr 24th 2012.
anurag at 12:24AM, Apr 3rd 2012.
i hpe we don't die today or the next day hope we live another year
alexjghg at 10:37AM, Mar 14th 2012.
This is pure Bull**** and to prove it I will bet anyone €1m at 21122012/1 that it doesn't happen
D at 06:33PM, Mar 10th 2012.
i dont think abt them all, bcas i have to live till the end of life..let it be by 2012/2027 or whenever....
hari at 09:47AM, Mar 9th 2012.
"Why is everyone saying they hope to God? If you knew anything about Christianity and the Bible then you would know that the Bible says that the world won't end in the way the mayans say and it doesnt say anything about it ending this year..."

Your right Mr. Jon K, the bible may not say it will end up this year. But, it says GOD will come again to judge the living and the dead. We do not know when it happens. Only God knows.
cathy at 08:29PM, Mar 5th 2012.
Jon K.
Why is everyone saying they hope to God? If you knew anything about Christianity and the Bible then you would know that the Bible says that the world won't end in the way the mayans say and it doesnt say anything about it ending this year...
Jon K. at 08:52PM, Mar 3rd 2012.
I pray to God the world doesn't end in dec. of this yr. I just matured. i want to marry before the world ends. will anyone marry me? :s
TJ at 01:51PM, Feb 21st 2012.
if the gonna to end . we must our days lively without wasting a single minute.all of us should dissolve in the juice of happiness
nagapriya at 03:38AM, Feb 18th 2012.
2012? Is it possible? if it happens..well, I'm gonna pray that God will do everything for our resurrection
cathy at 10:57PM, Feb 15th 2012.
jawaid Ashraf
****ing predication of Schumann Cavity,,,,,
jawaid Ashraf at 07:25AM, Jan 24th 2012.
I'm typing from the 'new world' :/
Charlotte at 12:00PM, Jan 1st 2012.
i am so afraid of this now but not be4
sreevarshini at 09:07AM, Dec 29th 2011.
Is it(2012) any way going to affect humanlife? Do we have any chance of losing humanlife at mass?
niroj at 04:52AM, Dec 19th 2011.
i dont want the world to end..... i only just got my lamborghini! :( no!!!
Lamorghini4life<3 at 02:05PM, Dec 6th 2011.
"10 Hertz per second" Are you serious? Who wrote this... the measurement hertz already has the unit of per second, so what this is saying "per second per second", which is not a measurement for frequency anymore... fail.
NOOB at 08:38PM, Jul 10th 2011.
Sanju Prabath
2012...... its really curious.... According to my opinion 2012 will be a disasterpus day for the earth.... mainly because of sunspots... hope ypu might be interesten in this....By 2012 and 2013 a huge sunspot which is as the size of Jupiter will be releasd from the sun towards the largest object from it... Its not mercury... Its not venus....But its the Earth....
Sanju Prabath at 09:23AM, Jun 5th 2011.
Admin comment

I think that nothing specific will happen on that day. Year 2012 is expected to be a year of great natural disasters. If you look at the past few years you will see in what sense nature is building a case against us. Preparing us slowly. 2013 is not end of the world, but new start with smaller population.
Admin at 07:22AM, May 31st 2011.
bobby singh bohara
i am going to ....probably go around the streets of newyork.....go to the mcdonalds,,get me some fried chicken wings and legs.....get maself a couple of beer ...go sit in the park somewhere in 21 decemcer 2013 and laugh wildly bout nonsense jokes of 2012....ya thats wt m gonna do......
bobby singh bohara at 02:57AM, May 31st 2011.
scientist are not able to discover the real existence of god till now,how can they see the future of creation of god.i can't beleive in all this rumours,it is just a calculation and imagination.if it is really going to vanish the earth ,then what is the need of studying,making money after all ,we will lose friend don't believe on this and continue your life without fear.i love this world.
manisha at 04:19AM, May 16th 2011.
Chris Sargent wrote: #
heyy im in love with.......TWINKIES!

Sam at 01:02PM, Mar 9th 2011.
The world is gunna end when justin bieber loses his virginity
Jeff at 12:59PM, Mar 9th 2011.

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