2012 Interesting Facts

2012 is expected to be year of great positive change. It is not the end of the world! Back in 1899 something was identified called Schumann Cavity Resonance. It is the heart beat or frequency of the Earth. Since its discovery till 1986 this heart beat frequency was constant 7.8 Hertz per second. From 1986 it started to raise dramatically and in 1998 it was reported to be 10 hertz per second. On other hand magnetics of the earth are dropping dramatically and it is expected they will reach zero point in 2012. Maya calendar and other calendars end in 2012, but it is not the end of the world just beginning of the new one since every 26000 years Earth goes through grand cycle of evolution.


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  1. i dont know about you, but i’m scared to death of whats going to happen… how about you… and if not please give me a reason not to be…

  2. I ain’t scared, in the mayan calender it is marked as the new beginning, great things will come in 2012 i’m sure…just be ready for them.

  3. there’s nothing to be worried about. if the world ends, we’ll all be dead anyway, so what does it matter. everyone is going to die one way or another.if we all did at the same time…so what?

  4. So we must conclude, that at the present it is not likely that we are seeing any dramatic changes in the SR, which has only been measured with anything like its present interest for a short time. To be sure, the magnitude of the Earth’s magnetism has been dropping for a long time. There are many in the “Earth Changes Soon” school who feel this may indicate a field reversal is pending. Consider the following from the American Geophysical Union : http://earth.agu.org/sci_soc/hoffman.html

  5. Perhaps we need not be too anxious just yet. Dr. Aspden has made a convincing theoretical argument for the nature of space to be discontinuous, with the Earth transiting regions at long intervals which cause the direction of our magnetism to flip, and indeed we may be overdue for such an event, give or take a few tens of thousands of years. If the mechanism of the SR is non-linear enough to be sensitive to such domain boundary transversals, then there could be a possibility for such a frequency shift. The point to be made is that there is not a clear picture of this situation presently occurring. Those who are giving out what might be misleading information in this area would be advised to educate themselves a little further. While there are clearly some Earth changes of major importance looking likely, and the data is certainly not all in, we need not throw out what little conventional wisdom we have just yet.

  6. haha..
    what an interesting fact!!!
    but,can anyone of you gives me an in-depth infos about the frequency of the earth??!!!how did they found it??

  7. really, why would the world suddenly end in 2012 haha but if the magnetism does flip, think abot this, tv and satelites will be knocked out, allong with internet, etc, many animals that rely on magnetics of the earth will become stranded in places as they will not be able to navigate as well, but the world wont suddenly end..

  8. the one on top is really funny. lol.
    but i don’t think it’s the end of the world. lol.=D
    life is still going to be long tho. far away 2010.

  9. I’m very happy knowing that the world is goin to end, it means i’m goin to meet my Lord very soon…Amen

  10. How many times have we heard prophets tell us the world is gonna end? I can’t even remember the last one, like in 2002 or whatnot (doesn’t matter). The point is, the world isn’t going to end, and for those of you looking forward to meet your creator, don’t get so worked up over it. You’ll only end up disappointed. So the best thing you can do right now is to go out, buy a bag of marijuana, turn on the TV and smoke a blunt. Life is good, and will be good for a long time to come. Cheers my fellow humans~

  11. for a “new” beginning the “old” has to go….as they say in with the new and out with the old or something like that so were all gonna end up dieing =]

  12. Well u are not going to believe me, but, like many i had a dream, this is what it was, and will be, i stood with my friends infront of my parental home, we where waiting or looking at something, all of a sudden we saw what looked like a atom bomb explosion, some kind of column rising up and a blanket of fire insanely high above the clouds, but well visible a blanket of fire and black smoke pulling over, the ground shook violently and cars went straight up in the air infront of us and folowed by usself getting weightless, panic, i wanted to run inside but felt myself flying towards the door like my stength had suddenly increased and i was weightless, moving very fast, i got inside and the air pressure changed but did not affected me though it felt as beeing in water, maybe it was the weightlesnes, and it looked like had the sence to see trough walls, like i could see trough walls, the air or my lungs felt strange.
    I dont know what to think, is this a vision? I never thought it could be something real, but i also feel this day will come for real. Many will die out of fear alone. Let alone the blanket of fire and smoke, and with blanket i mean it looked almost like a straight line, that big, the realism was unlike any other dream i had. from what i saw the middle of europe will spew stuff up in the air, it was in germany or something, maybe possibly half of the soviet along with it. I tell u not just a dream.

  13. I had similar dreams myself. Nothing to worry love insted of fear is the solution for everything. “Infinite love is the only truth everything else is a illusion.”

  14. Ok, when the magnetic poles do change in our generation or the next, we will be exposed to three times the radiation due to unstable magnetic fields. This might kill the human race with all the cancer, or humans more likely will think of a way to survive like they always have. Global warming must be stopped for it will destroy our ozone and we’ll receive too much UV ways, causing skin cancer. There are many references to 2012, by the Mayan Calendar, Nostradomis(don’t know how to spell), and The Holy Bible. Even in the face of the many facts presented earlier, I do believe that mankind will overcome any obstacles placed(that is why we are the dominant species on this planet).

  15. this is a load of hype from the green peace knit your own yoghurt fruits! the EARTH has no problems, the EARTH can fix anything we throw at it, even global warming will not harm the EARTH its the human race we are killing, when we are all wiped out, by ourselves, the EARTH will always recover and be here. Use you’re brains people, anyone rememmber Y2K………

  16. This video was PURE propoganda. I mean, come on Obama and Clinton as the Anti-Christ? And Casey Predicted Atlantis would rise in the 60’s! I can’t believe people even believe in this smut!

  17. We know the earth will not end on this date because the bible says no one will know the exact date of Christ’s return. It may be coming but not on 12/21/2012.

  18. I am honestly scared to death about this whole 2012 thing. I cant stop thinking about it. Everyday I think about this stuff! I search online for answers. Answers that say its NOT going to end but I cant find them. I wish I could because my mind is not at ease right now. I really hope something doesn’t happen.

  19. Sarah this is for you imagine that you knew the earth was for sure going to end in 2012, what would you do. My answer is continue what i have been doing and live life to the fullest until it happens. Think about it, if the world ends who the fuck cares. There is only two ways to look at it. The first which is my way of looking at it, if the world ends we all die thats the end we well never know its coming or even that it happened, when you die your dead you cease to exist mind body soul everything. Or if you feel more compelled to look at it from a religious view then okay im just assuming if your this worried about the world ending you plan on going to heaven and according to religion is that not the ultimate goal end up in heaven with so called eternal life and happiness where nothing bad happens. Im just trying to say it doesnt matter if the world ends if you believe in religion the only thing you should be worried about is your previous and future actions and if not the honestly fuck it lets have a party and we will all go out together

  20. Thank you luke(a few above) I just felt compelled to comment on how mad I am after reading this page of comments. Everyone that wrote on here about there concern for our magnetic poles flippin in 2012 seriously seriously the only word i can think of to describe you or your comments is ignorance. Take a fucking second learn about science then maybe make a comment. Honestly do any of you have a fucking clue what you are talking about. The magnetic poles of the earth flipping wow seriously be fucking smarter when you here someone say or preach something as ridiculous as this is, do some research and find out for youself learn about the magnetic fields of the earth dont just jump onto the bandwagon of people who are way out there. Seriously this is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard proposed, the magnetic fields of earth flipping, seriously dont be stupid people its not good. And i will say it one more time if for some reason the world does end in 2012 who in the fuck cares nobody will ever know it happenes, mind body spirit all gone, they die when you die!!!!


  22. Many philosophers and religious character have made predictions about the future ever since the dawn of time, from the ancient Egyptians to the Phonation and religious sources such as the Koran and Bible. The only problem with these ancient predictions is language. Since all of these predicaments have been predicted over more then hundreds to thousands of years ago it is hard for people of our time to completely translate the full meaning of the writing. Due to the great blast from the past, predictions can be totally misinterpreted / misunderstood and therefore mean anything. Besides that all the predictions are written in an indirect way, which means it can basically mean anything you make of it. They rarely say global warming shall be thou end
    Many prophecies could mean many different things depending on the interpreter. So my point here is that almost anything can be made up of these ancient prophecies / predictions.

    Besides that, thousands of years ago history was everything to the people. Being remembered as a somebody meant everything to them. And what other way of being remembered for 2000 years is easier then predicting something that will happen 2000 years later, it is pure mathematics, probability. You see if I were to say the heavens will be covered with darkness within 24 hours the chances are very small (taking non geological assumptions in consideration) but, if I say the heavens will be covered with darkness within 40 days then the chances are huge. Especially when someone makes a prediction like this, people tend to look for it even more and could even make strange assumptions such as: the darkness represents dark rainy clouds and that a super storm will be our judgement day.

    All Im saying is use YOUR common sense before believing what other people tell you. You are not a robot, you dont have to believe everything what other people tell you free will is what it is called!!

  23. I’m not going to spend too much time on this matter, but one particular comment from one particular “Justin” on 29 Nov did get under my skin a bit!!! First things first Jason, you need to get your head out of your *** and realize that there is nothing new about the magnetic poles of the earth shifting!! It’s a natural process that happens roughly every 25,750 years! Now, don’t think it means North becomes South and vis versa! That’s not it at all. I have personally witnessed the magnetic Poles shifting from their present course. As a Flight Engineer in the U.S. Air Force I’ve personally flown military scientists to the Arctic and the Antartica who have and are recording the changes in the ice formations from the original positions! It’s not some far fetched idea Justin, it’s Science and it’s real! Please do your own research before you come on here and blast people for having genuine concerns about the future of our planet.
    Are we going to literally fall of the planet in 2012 when we may possibly see the greatest shift in the poles? No….we are not! We are going to however see the polar ice caps completely disappear from their current position ***please google “Wilkins Ice Shelf” if you don’t believe me and read about it yourself. The largest ice shelf known to modern man is cracking and falling into the sea. This is just one of the signs indicating the shift that will take place in the magnetic poles. We will see plant life to spring to life where ice once dewelt and we will see dramatic changes in the seasons as Mother Nature fights to regain it’s footing.
    In reality, everyone should count themselves extremely fortunate that we live in a time where we will witness such monumental changes in our earth and atmoshere! It’s fascinating and the information should be embraced, not feared. Take the time to research the material yourself rather than just fearing for your life! Stop being so self-centered as a race of people and try to see how you can be a part of the future, rather than just a statistic in it.

    God bless….

  24. I have to agree with David Dean. There will be some sort of change, and it may cause some problems, but that’s the way the world works. Our planet has been steadily shifting it’s poles every year. A drastic shift may occur, but since no one can stop it from happening, why worry about it? To all the kids reading this; don’t worry. Live your life, love your family and friends and move past the “world is ending” mentality. It won’t do any good to upset yourself over something that 1. you can’t change and 2. is a naturally occurring phenomenon.

    Best of Luck!

  25. i know people are saying, we’re all gonna end up dead anyways, so why freak out?! the thing is, we wanna live first, for as long as we can, there are many theories i dont know which ones true or not, but hey, they people did not mark it as the end of the world, that calender was made millions of years ago, they had to stop somewhere, and maybe they just had dates and informed them with each other, thats why they all ended the same, but hey, who am i to make a new theory huh?

  26. Evolution ey? This should be fun considering it’s never been proven and is only a theory rolls eyes
    Nobody knows what will happen in 2012. Everyone should stop worrying and just wait to see.

  27. A whole lot of you people are so negative. What if we are in for a great new start. I mean with so many predictions you’ll never know what will happen so the best thing is to be ready for anything that comes. COME 2012 _ we are gonna make it, just like in 2000 with so many predictions having been made, some of us are still here. *NEXT COMMENT 22 DECEMBER 2012, I’LL BE HERE TO COMMENT *

  28. A whole lot of you people are so negative. What if we are in for a great new start. I mean with so many predictions you’ll never know what will happen so the best thing is to be ready for anything that comes. COME 2012, we are gonna make it, just like in 2000 with so many predictions having been made, some of us are still here. *NEXT COMMENT 22 DECEMBER 2012, I’LL BE HERE TO COMMENT *

  29. Listen ladies and gents,

    The world is not going to end. Even if it does, don’t worry about it. Many people will survive, we’ve made it thus far!

  30. the date is wrong. this resonace couldn’t have been “identified” before 1995 because what-his-name otto schumann wasn’t born yet. Ohh, some one hasn’n been checking their facts…

  31. Actually the Mayan calendar does not actually end in 2012, 2012 is just where it starts againfrom zero,
    So Come on people! Enough with the apocalypses Already!

  32. Just because the mayan calendar ends at 2012 doesn’t mean the world is going to end. It means they fail at making calendars. If another civilization had their calendar ending at 4321 AD whould that mean that the world will end then? Which one do you believe? All other calendars (as far as I know) continue on indefinately. The most accurate being the Celtics (see “Coligny calendar”) because they used a Lunar/solar model, instead of a just lunar or just solar model. This calendar accommendated for leap-years and is just as accurate as modern computer calendars. So in terms of calendar making skill: Celtics > Mayans.

    There is no evidence for the earth to switch its poles in 2012, actually at the current rate of the poles decreasing in magnetism it is expected to reverse between 3000 and 4000 AD. This will have little effect on us other than screwing up our compasses because previous magnetic reversals do not coincide with mass extinctions.
    Please do not beleive everything you read on the internet. Wikipedia is more reliable than the sites you are getting your information from.

  33. I have now researched it fo 3 days straight, the end (or new beginning) is near. I’ve read it in the bible, i’ve read Einteins famous prediction. ALL OF THE FACTS R THERE! We shall witness the greatest moment in recorded history…….The end of the world.

    for all the ppl out there graduating out there in 2012 This should be ur seniour quote….

    “2012 not the end of the world but only a new begining”
    written by,
    Austin Vaughn

    e-mail me at austin.viper7@gmail.com

  34. Nobody knows, they’re just predictions and theories. It’s 3 years away! Just because a calender marks to an end doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Keep an open mind because no one knows what will happen on that date.

  35. I am seriously scared about this. It’s keeping me up every night literally!!! How does anyone know that that is the actual day the end will end?? I’m seriously hoping that it just starts over.

  36. Whatever happens the truth is that God’s will will be done. From a causal standpoint though I think that the real problem could occur if people start freaking out and getting scared when that date starts to approach. Those people will freak out other people and get everyone scared. All this freaking out could really disrupt everything a lot. That is really the only cause for problems that I can think of. So really all we have to do to do our part is remain calm and know that everything is going to be fine.

  37. ok people seriously i dont think the world will end on Dec 21, 2012. Come on guys give me a break i mean ive eard that in the year 2000 was going to be the end of the world and nothing happened. on june 6th 2006 said that it was going to be the end of the world nothing happened. what i think is of the mayans people dont know where they went they cant find them people even say aliens came and picked them up. probably when they dissapeard they still had to continue the calendar idk.and start a new beggining. if it does come to and end which it wont probably alien will come and pick some people up and take them to a new place safe place to start a new beggining just like in the movie Knowing, awsome movie by the way. And yes in 2012 is the year i graduate sucks for me but i know i will still be alive. we shouldn’t think about the future if it hasnt happened no one knows, only one person. we should just live the present and thats it. dont think im not scared of course im scared a lot of people are scared and i think are going to be more scared when that movie comes 2012 on november. i really want to see that movie. the thing that got me scared that i read in another website is about that one more pope is left. i heard today that he had an accident and my mom said hes already very old and i was like maybe hes going to die but i dont think. if he dies then i will be scared and i mean scared scared. i will freak, but we should just live our live like a normal person. and i really wanted to get married and have kids of this happens. who know i will have kids i know it. but the world will not end maybe something great is coming something good i know it.

  38. the way i see it is that OUR world will end, if the poles flip then there might be an EMP which would take out all electronics, but that might cause nuclear weapons to detonate causein the end of the world. i highly doubt it tho, i can see our world of technology goin down the drain, so sad cause i love my iphone. but if technology ends we will replace it and maybe with regulatory policies to halt the reproduction of certain items know to harm the earth. and all the evil porn sites will go byebye too yay

  39. Also the Jews say that the messiah hasnt come yet, im a Christian, but if theyre right we still have a long way to go. but im open for anything to explain the reason for 2012, i just want it to stop bein so “OMG ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!” its annoying,

  40. There is always a ‘end of the world’, and when that one doesn’t happen, they will pick another date to fill the oh so mighty predictions of our demise.
    But hey, look at the bright side of all of this. While a lot of people are freaking out and prolly hiding in their basements on that day, the lines at the shopping centers will be less congested for last minute Christmas shopping 🙂

  41. Gabriela wrote: #
    ok people seriously i dont think the world will end on Dec 21, 2012. Come on guys give me a break i mean ive eard that in the year 2000 was going to be the end of the world and nothing happened. on june 6th 2006 said that it was going to be the end of the world nothing happened. what i think is of the mayans people dont know where they went they cant find them people even say aliens came and picked them up. probably when they dissapeard they still had to continue the calendar idk.and start a new beggining. if it does come to and end which it wont probably alien will come and pick some people up and take them to a new place safe place to start a new beggining just like in the movie Knowing, awsome movie by the way. And yes in 2012 is the year i graduate sucks for me but i know i will still be alive. we shouldn’t think about the future if it hasnt happened no one knows, only one person. we should just live the present and thats it. dont think im not scared of course im scared a lot of people are scared and i think are going to be more scared when that movie comes 2012 on november. i really want to see that movie. the thing that got me scared that i read in another website is about that one more pope is left. i heard today that he had an accident and my mom said hes already very old and i was like maybe hes going to die but i dont think. if he dies then i will be scared and i mean scared scared. i will freak, but we should just live our live like a normal person. and i really wanted to get married and have kids of this happens. who know i will have kids i know it. but the world will not end maybe something great is coming something good i know it.

    wow, please tell me where your going to school so i can make sure I never let those teachers corrupt my future children. That was terrible grammar. I mean, I’m not writing perfectly or anything right now but that was just brutal. you just completely butchered the English language. I couldn’t understand half the shit you wrote. A lot of it completely contradicted itself. You said, “Who know’s, maybe I will have kids, I know it” (At least thats what I made of it). That makes no sense haha. And btw Knowing was not an awesome movie. It was an okay movie. The ending sucked. The big ball thing was really lame and the whole random prediction thing had nothing to do with anything. Why did the woman hear voices? Why does it even matter? Pointless movie. I like the topic of armageddon and everything, but if I didn’t, I would absolutely hate that movie. Anyways, I think that the whole 2012 scenario is possible. It definently could happen. But we’ll have to wait and see what really does happen. The only reason I’m skeptical is because there have been over 200 other predictions of the end throughout history, but you never know. This time it seems to have alot more evidence and support behind it. Another thing I’m going to point out is that I hate people that say the world will not end and everyone that thinks it could or might is stupid and ignorant and should start thinking for themselves and stop following the herd. Maybe everyone is doing exactly that, maybe you should be more open minded and atleast admit that there is a possibility that all these theories are true and that something signifigant could happen in 2012. No one can say that the world WILL or WILL NOT end because no one knows, so yeah. if you’ve read on this far, well, thanks for paying attention to what I have to say, I don’t expect anyone will as I have been just ranting for a while now but whatever, not just guna erase it and forget about it. this is being posted. yea, cya

  42. You do know, that the magnetic fields have shifted 2 times before in earth’s history and is LONG overdue for one. The last shift was the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal, is theorized to have occurred some 780,000 years ago, with one occurring every 250,000 years. With the recent scientific observations of dropping magnetivity, the truth is rather clearer. Yes, it might be just another conspiracy theory. But think, what if you’re dead wrong.
    And btw, the loss of our magnetosphere would leave us open to solar winds, uv rays, and radioactivity. Which means that every animal (mammal) would be dead. only insects able to live throught radiation (****aroaches) would survive in this scenario. And imagine, thats how mammals became the top, after the extenction of big reptiles, mammals were the only that survived, along insects.

  43. if every mammal is going to die from this polar shift, why is it that they have survived prior shifts?? why is it that all the big reptiles were extinct, while humans who lived in the same time periods lived? also many sudden dramatic changes in this world have prompted humans and animals alike to adjust the way they live to survive. maybe alot of humans will die, maybe not, i am quite sure that not ALL humans will die. we are all just pawns and we look at these things-just imagine what the world governments know, and nasa??? anybody know about NORAD?? giant military base buried in a mountain in colo. springs, top secret? well i wonder if the deep earth and rock formations around the base would protect it from radiation??? the only truth is that nobody REALLY knows the future and basing it off of the past facts might not be very smart after all there is a big diff. in 780,000 and 250,000 years! what the hell happened that we missed 3 polar shifts at there due time??

  44. The most important thing about 2012 is that we humans have 2 put our “own” meanings and theories aside- Cause there is actually some huge facts out there- Read my linked articles above and find out for yourself. The universe does not care about what WE think- We are just a tiny piece in the universe history-

    Btw do you know the mass of Tellus??=Planet earth-

    Well try find it out:) and then find out how much mass the planet has left 2 actually keep itself together:)= Ever thought about what a 100megaton Hydro og Abomb does to the planet:)? or if you add your own 90kg with about realistic 4 billion-( The rest of the billions is + – 90 kg)=

    There is nothing 2 worry about guys:) lol

  45. Humans are parted into different types-

    Those humans wich are under the frase of” We always hear something about “end of the world” but it never happens… Well if you actually read some FACTS,no FICTIONS OR MYTHS..You can actually find out that every prediction has come true- So everytime we have heard “end of the world ect”- it has actually happened- Check it out for yourself,the facts speaks of itself.

  46. This is really annoying, everything ive looked at has said different things, some has said nothing will happen, some has said nibiru will be a near miss and cause the whole world to be covered in water, and others have said it will be fighting for survival, aliens coming back to earth, and finally just a change of the way we live. i dont think anyone really knows what is going to happen, i just think everyone knows SOMETHING will. until then stop worrying about it, if the world does end at least we all go together. even though i am rather scared about it, seeing as im only 18 and want to live my life. have a family. etc. 🙁

  47. for all you know the world could end tomorrow. my god quit freaking out. if the world is gonna end, how so? i doubt it will guysss. i think this its funny. the world isnt going to end. so put on your big boy/girl pants and grow up cause nothing is going to happen.

  48. Just a suggestion… Since the survival of the human race thus far can be acreditted to natural selection and survival of the fittest, all of us young strapping men should be going out and spreading our seeds to ensure the survival of the human race. I mean come on, if you really think the world is going to end why not? Being dominate and able to pass on your genertic code Is what helped our ancestors survive. On top of that, if there is one thing that’s for sure is that the governent will keep taking our tax dollars to support the offspring of all the other usless f** of our generation. We might as well take advantage of what we know. Either way if the world ends or not, our pathetic generation will still be responsible for JACK. Get off the Internet and make something of your life.
    Peace. Time for biochemistry, I’m out.

  49. i dont know wat it is… but i sure am feeling scared thinking bout the things that are gonna happen not oly to me but to all of u out there… i hope its a false alarm… i seriously do!!!!

  50. looking at my age i seriously feel like experiencing every aspect of life… but then wen i hear bout such stuff i get depressed:(… pls gimme a reason to cheer up guys temme its not gonna happes… plzzz!!!!!

  51. clayton wrote:”why bother..
    just live ur life to the fullest and be gone.. why bother when it ends?
    we will all die one day.. or another..”

    Why bother? Because not bothering would be too easy wouldn’t it? And living life to the fullest also means living as long as humanly possible so long as it doesnt impede on the quality of life, whether that be 1 year or 100 years.

    Anyway perhaps something will happen in 2012 maybe nothing will happen, either way have faith in humanity. People seem to find it so easy to believe in God’s and ancestor spirits and supersitious crap like that, putting their life and faith in these things, have faith that we as human beings will overcome this. Cheers.

  52. hahhaha its funny thing to fear , if at all so earth ends then i gona miss my girls very much till now i am still virgin male . i have so less time if earth ends by 21 dec 2012 i need to break lots of vents f grls and i have too party alot chill like party freak hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lots more

  53. if this is true we all goin to die…..then thanks to god …..finally i got my aim **** the rest ‘coz i roll with the best.death is my achievement i want to see life beyond life…have no fear wen god is here

  54. People need to believe in GOD !!! Because nobody knows when the earth is gonna end, don’t let the silly rumors get too you. Live your life like you’ve been doing & don’t worry about the terrible RUMORS seriously. & Roshan I don’t know who you are but thats something stupid to say GROW UP ! & GO TO CHURCH .

  55. I am afraid the world will end, i’m trying to think of places to hide with my girlfriend, but at the same time I don’t want to believe as there have been many dates I can remember where we were all meant to be killed by a ‘Tidal Wave’ or an ‘Asteroid’ and none of it came true. Something that seems a bit suspicious but debatable as to it’s truth is http://projectcamelot.org. Not sure what to believe with this, probably just some sh*t made up just in case something does happen one day. Anyway for all of you out there, believe what you will and at the hour of our demise may my best wishes and prayers be with you.

  56. Why are u guys flipping out over some bull**** the stupid Mayans made, but know this if the world does end, we brought it upon ourselves.

  57. Samantha wrote: #
    i donot want to die yet. im only 16. please tell me what other sites will tell me that this is all stupid.

    do not worry samanth . I am for you … waiting for you

  58. All of us and them will believe the world won’t end in 2012 really.

    Also, we all don’t believe the world will end in 2012 really.

    Seperate from 2012 film, fact and myth.

    So 2012 doomsdays are not true as many people say.

    God Himself will actually protect, heal and save the Earth on December 21, 2012.

  59. I stil waiting month after october 2012.Im thinking very deeply what will going to happen on that month.But if anything happen that is good for humanbeing and this nature.Those days this nature is too tired because of unnecessary weight of humanbeing and other things.Nature want to rest.and god also want to rest.So,if anything happen,it will be good for everyone.So,im praying with god,please please do something new.Humanbeing forgot their rules,responsibilities and other duties.They forget to go temple,church,masgit.that y its compulsary to end of earth.

  60. all these things might happen but there’s no proof that it will happen on the year 2012… it is still a question mark to everyone… and it is according to the holy bible..

  61. If you watch the 2012 film which is meant to be based on it. its not the end of the world is just loads of natural distasters. but the world does not end. theres still people that survive and stuff.

  62. all i got to say is


    thats in arabic meaning


  63. its is a punishment for us from the nature for all the wrong things we have done….and humanity is going to destroyed from the mother earth. if we r friendly to our mother earth it’ll be friendly to us but we r not we our self are destroying the mankind……get ready for it guys the days r near….may god bless us all….

  64. life s nothing… we can even die the second, while reading this msg…. nothin in the world s stable… so we too r not stable..enjoy our journey of life til we live.

  65. There is no religion that says anything definite about december 21, 2012. The Mayan calendar which ends on december 21, 2012 simply starts over on december 22, 2012, just like our calendar does after december 31 every year.

    The Schumann cavity resonance is completely misinterpreted in this ‘fact’. It has nothing to do with a ‘heartbeat’ of any kind, it has to do with extremely low sound frequencies resonating between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere, mainly caused by lightning. There is a very clear explanation on Wikipedia, which also shows that 10 Hz is not a possible frequency (this has to do with the mathematical and physical basics of how resonances work).

    Like so many other ‘sources’ of 2012 ‘facts’, this one is based on misinterpreted information, the need for a doomsday scenario, which december 21, 2012 will not be and clamping on to religion, which mysteriously seems to have an answer to anything a particular individual cannot explain (even when the explanations are in plain sight).

  66. Hi to all out there, I am from South Africa. I’ve read all the comments and sure, maybe there are some truth in it. Let’s face it..this beautiful planet is on a collision course with disaster as it is, because WE did’nt look after it, but also I believe that God, the creator of the universe, has a master plan and I’ll rather stick with Him. He knows what He is doing. Just trust and believe in Him and no matter what happens or when it happens, we will be ok, because knowing God, there is always something better and bigger waiting for us. This is something to look forward to. I hope those of you who are in despair will find peace. And also, this is no time to be reckless with your life. Remember life is a gift….take care of it and be responsible. Hope to see you at the soccer world cup.

  67. matthew wrote: #
    i dont know about you, but i’m scared to death of whats going to happen… how about you… and if not please give me a reason not to be…

    Don’t worry yourself with matters beyond your control, only your future is in your control. If your worried only about your own future, change today.

  68. If world is going to end in 2012.So it’s God’s desire and we should not worry about that is already going to happen.

  69. ok, what happened to 2000 same thing was said, “the world is going to end” we are alive aren’t we? you never know .

  70. shksssaa wrote: #
    ok, what happened to 2000 same thing was said, “the world is going to end” we are alive aren’t we? you never know .

    Yes,,,,Everything is in the hand of GOD….What will happen in 2012? The scientist can only predict but the GOD knows about the truth..

  71. i think its going to be happen
    this generation is on the verge of the end
    and i think it is the end
    scientifically and mythologically it is proved and we have to accept that.
    this change will be drastic but it will take some new changes in the human and would create a new world which will be much beautiful than ever……………….

  72. Well nothing last foever so if the time has come do the unexpected make your wish come true. experience all those things which you have thought of all the life.

  73. Lets face it guys,, the world is going to end on the 21 of december 2012, and quite frankly i couldnt care less. its punishment for all the **** we have done over the last however thousand years. we have ruined this beautiful earth and now it is time to reap the consequences. don’t turn to god, he won’t do anything for you. you are all going to die and its going to be brilliant. eternal salvation is around the corner. how extremely exciting.

    i hope your death isn’t horribly painful. if your a criminal, i hope it is.


  74. all rumours!!! wt hpnd in y2k, it was said that earth vl destroy as 1999 will pass…but nthn hpnd. so, how cn v accept this??

  75. we will never now wat will happen but the only thing i now is that we all should try to make the world a better place for as long as we all live and i think that we should forget about all that and to try to change are live befor 2012 happens and hey maybe nothing will happen at all so dont give ur hopes up

  76. i wish the world will end ASAP or immediately… i can’t wait for 2012 i wanna meet satan and all his phrophets… huhuhu please someone put some highly explosive materials in the inner core to end up our world… jst can’t wait let us all die happily ever after!!!

  77. Fact: 2012 is the end of the world according to the National Association Society Humanitarian Public Authority Federal Military Police Command Foundation Infringement Navigator Evaluator Union Capital Universal International System Security Sattelite Regional Company Agricultural Funds… hmmmmmmmmmmmmhaaaaaaaaaaa! i hope this message would help everyone about the fact of 2012! Tnx!

  78. 2ooo was an entirely different scenario,it was a minor computer glitch,2012 was predicted by every nation,race,religion,creed,etc on our planet.The Hopi Indians,I Ching,The Mayans,The Romans,The Catholics,They have been told about this event since the inception of writing practically.If you really want to know the truth you have to study beyond our beliefs and understanding,go to the HOPI’s,The Mayans,the I Ching,and of course it is in the Bible many times.The Great Destroyer.Then study the facts that happened on this planet that relate to this event in history,Nostradamus,Edgar Casey,and sooo many others predicted this event.People from many religions,many different countries,races,centuries apart at times.They all knew about it and saw it happen.Our solar alignment in 2012 may have some effect but i don’t think it will be the major factor,i think it will be mostly the chain reaction,the solar storms,the magnetic fiels,global warming,the slowing of the earth heartbeat,the increase of catastrophic events such as volcanoes,earthquakes,Tsunami’s.All of which were predicted at an increased rate before 2012.

  79. I had one dream about 2012,i say one because i have had the xact same dream for like 20 years.I wake up to the sound of sirens and smoke and look outside to see a real darkish smokey/hazy residential area people with hasmat suits start to haul people from their homes,we were all gathered into a fenced in compound,i recognized alot of people around me, at first i was unsure why,but i think it was because everyone in this city was there.As we were led into a building we all looked up to the sky and saw the amazing colors,purples,reds,greens,as objects hit our atmosphere,most burned up on entry but some made it through and struck land,they were not solid objects from what i saw,rather looked like balls of gass or something of that nature,could be just a ball of fire that was around a solid mass.Not sure ,but as each hit the arth it was like a small atomic bomb hityour ears would ring and felt like i was in a bubble.You would see hundreds of homes gone in less than a few seconds.Then we entered the building and looked out the window before we hit a stairway going down,we say some brilliant colors again,not sure if it was the gasses from the stuff hitting our atmosphere or from electrical magnetic or thermal explosions,not sure.I just remember looking out the window one last time and seeing a massive explosion that oblitterated the building we were in and everything around it,i knew i was dead,was very different feeling to be separated from your physical body.I have had the same dream maybe 10 times over 20 years.

  80. The earth has been through this 5 times before that we know of,almost total annihillation of life on this planet.Every 100,000 years ~ there is an ice age,we were supposed to be in one aprox 8 years ago.Just before we have an ice age there is a warming stage then a freeze.There is absolutely nothing mankind can do to prepare for any event like this.Whoever lives through such a horrific event will envy the dead.We have had a polar shift so there is no reason it can’t happen again,and again,etc.NASA also says the Earths Magnetic field that protects us is failing,and the solar storm predictions for 2012 will nail us when our shields are down.There is a huge amount of evidence to show how land masses raised and lowered ~ 10,000 feet in one single event.Also remember all our main continents were joined together before as one.

  81. If we beleave what the bible told us if we’ve been reading then we know that no one knows when it all will end! I think we all should keep this in mind and stop letting all of what they tell us rule our life. I’m not going to let it make me crazy. I trust in my GOD and i’ll be just fine!!!!!

  82. what a rediculus thing.we as humans cant know the end of life,but only god knows…….dont u know that????
    and all these predictions are 7aram!!!!!!!!

  83. The world will end, but unfortunately it won’t be on 2012. I say unfortunately because I think the world should end, for us that is. All humans think about is sex and money, love is nothing but a convenient substitute for sex. Money is nothing but an excuse to survive. All man likes to do is reproduce, girls think of nothing else except their “relationships”, all IMO sick behavior. Everyone on this planet is living in a fantasy world right now, EVERYONE. Hopefully an asteroid will hit us before 2012, just make it quick.

  84. I think it will happen, cleanse the world? sounds good, stock up on the sambuka and get wasted so the flames dont burn as much :p
    I predict if WE do make it to 2013 Ewood Park will be a execution ground, not a football ground, we WILL be under muslim-rule.
    Id rather the world end than to see my love ones suffer in the hands of muslim law.
    That white cloud looks cosey in the pictures anyway :p

  85. i dont think the world will end in 2012 but you never know it could. it cant be compared to the y2k think coz that was just about computers and not the end of the world. whatever happens we cant stop it so dont be scared and if you are scared about it then stop reading about it

  86. Ok, So everyone is freaking out about this whole 2012 thing right? Well I got some news for you…STOP!!!
    You have to stop worrying. Everyone is getting hyped over nothing.

    First of all, we can barely read and translate the ancient mayan language, something you ought to know

    Now Let me explain some history

    The Mayans had multiple calenders. Not 1, not 2, but probably around 100. They each mesured different things. The calender that we are focusing on is called the ‘Long-Count calender’.
    The long-count calender is a non renewable calender that lasts for about 3000 years. Now, if you are going to say the world will end on Dec. 21 2012, then you are claiming you believe the world began on Aug 25, 305 B.C. (not the exact date, but close.) That is the beginning of this ‘cycle’ according to the LCC. You can’t have one without the other…sorry.

    Another thing you have to realize is that an ending of a cycle isnt the end of the world. Basically it means they go out, have a huge party, maybe sacrifice some slaves, everyone is renewed, and hurray, we are in a new cycle.

    So throw a party. Its not the end of the world, the mayans just thought it would be the beginning of the age of aquarius.

    *I have studied the Mayan and Aztec culture 4 times. Once in College history, once in High school history, Once in Spanish class (reading it in spanish.) and once just for fun.

  87. The Mayans were a bit different,they knew the date of their demise,they fled their land.They also poisoned their own water supply from bloody sacrifices,which inturn caused famine and desease since the water was unuseable.The 2012 thing is a cycle,EVERYTHING in the universe is on cycles which can be measured.Some are changing due to perterbations and cosmic colisions etc…But we are in the final stages of this long count calander,which will signal the beginning of civilization for those who survive.The planet has to fix itself.Much as our body heals after a cut.The earth repairs the damage we have done and the damage done from thouands of centuries of cosmic damage.Every country has had their own views,warnings and prophecies about 2012,especially the Bible.The Bible was basically CNN back then.If people would wake up and not take for granted all that we are given,all wars in history were created because of religion.If Mankind cannot learn to live as a species without conflict,we do not deserve to survive.

  88. Ok i absolutely believe in you that your world is going to end on 21st of December 2012. Then why don’t you write everything you have (except your dirty underwear)to me? Make a deed executable on 22nd oF December 2012? Ok, let me give you some lee way how about 1st Jan 2013, or say 2015? You will not. right? So, deep down even you believe that 2012 is not the end. When why don’t you say so?

  89. To every one who is freaked out about all this, go to “Google”,then put in “nasa2012”. I was a little worried my self but this really just summed it all up stating there really is no evidence that the world will end.its all rumors.

  90. first of all the world is not going to end anyhow .it was just a fake to promote the movie “2012 “.still anyhow if the fact comes true then just think how lucky you would be to die as the last person in the world.keep faith on god it will never happen

  91. Has absolutely nothing to do with any known religion.This is the same thing the earth has done for thousands of years,everything is on a cycle,everything.The Mayan’s knew this far beyond what we are only starting to discouver.There is no fix for this by a higher power.It was all prophesised in he Bible.The Destroyer,they were talking about the suns solar flares hitting the Earth as NASA predicts it will in 2012.I have been studying this for 18 years,i only know the scientific data proves that it has happened before and it will happen again.There is absolutely nothing anyone can do to prevent it from happening.It would be like trying to stop Niagra Falls with a Riot Shield lol.Think,every 100k years there is an ice age,it has been over 100k years since the last one,the earth warms before it hits.Presently the earths core is warming,the Magnetic field is getting weak.Earthquakes and Volcanoes will be happening alot more frequently.

  92. Think of it this way,we have been through 14 of these cycles of destruction that science knows about.This is simply another extinction level event for this planet,it’s not like it’s the first.Read up on Yellowstone Volcanoes,present day.Read up on Timewave Theory 2012,Read up on The Earths Magnetic Field and how its weakening and about polar shifts and how we are in the beginning of one now.Learn about the sattalites that wen through instead of bursting into flames on re-entry.Read about the Recently disclosed facts about UFO’s and Abductions.Learn about the NWO and the truth about stuff you are totally oblivious to in your day to day lives.Most are living in a Matrix,a world of illusion created by lack of reasonable thought and the inabillity to piece together all the facts and information that is out there.I really do believe there is some kind of God,but nothing like what has been depicted.They talk about Aliens in the Bible too as a matter of fact,that they interbred with Human women.

  93. Im scared. When they say its gonna be a new earth does the earth blow up and form a new one? and EVERYBODY DIES?!?!

  94. If the world comes to an end it is mans fault. This is a beautiful planet with every resource and many wonderful things which so few take the time to enjoy. We are all to busy getting excited about technology . The very thing that will kill us in the end.

  95. according to science nothing will happen so much suddenly but acc to indian calender even ARYABATT ‘calender have no dates beyonds this year . but one thing is conferm that all changes are for good and somehow we are responsible for enviroment’s distruction

  96. Everyone,

    On the 21st of December, have that Bible in your hand every second. Praise to god. God has brought hell to all of us!

    Beg him not to do this. we will watch and see what happens.

  97. May be its not true or end in 2012, but if we treat the earth like the same we”ll going to see it very soon.

  98. SAMANTHA,don’t worry.I think 2012 is a starting point of the catalyst that will bring forth the chance of the earths entire land mass.It does it over and over again,we are not the first civilization to go through this nor will we be the last.I do believe it will be a domino effect as it has already started all over the world with volcanoes and earthquakes,mudslides,wildfires.You name it,floods.The entire northern hemisphere will be Ice -free by 2020.That is unimaginable in scientific understanding if you understand how every degree effects our livelihood.You still have many years left.Head north to Canada more towards Alberta or the Maritimes.Vancouver is getting on watch for a HUGE quake.

  99. Why would the world suddenly end in 2012. Nobody can predict what would happen, and I’m pretty sure that God can’t either, though if he did, he would protect his people, wouldn’t he? Remember that nobody can know about the future, so why guess, why imagine, why predict, why tell prophecies?

  100. So your telling me that instead of the world ending we are all going to “evolve”. How do we go from the world ending to a growing a tail? the whole thing is obsurd. Look at the way the mayans lived, sacrificing people to false gods. You guys are alllllll ****s for believing in people that walked around in loin cloths that sacrificed people for the moon god. I’m sure they really knew the end of the world. IDIOTSSS

  101. Chandler wrote: #

    On the 21st of December, have that Bible in your hand every second. Praise to god. God has brought hell to all of us!

    Beg him not to do this. we will watch and see what happens.

    Do you really belive that god is going to end the world? It is said in the Bible itself that no one will know when the world will end.Also I may not be right but, I would count this as doubting if god will protect us or not. I’m not trying to sound mean or anything but, I found this a bit offensive.

  102. WTH?? So Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton are ‘antichrist’. W.T.F.

    It’s obvious, this video is complete bull****. I believe none of it.

    I think this vid should be removed.. it’s soaking-no, WALLOWING- in propaganda.

  103. Who are we to say weather or not the world will end on a certain day or time? Were the Mayan’s right? Do they say the world will end? No
    Thing’s will change for humanity? We don’t have any of the answer’s. Do we ?
    Scientist do know some fact’s that are up coming about our earth. Can anything be done about? NO. So why worry.
    The way that this world is going something should take place. There isn’t any respect anymore. Respect for anything. Our border’s, our language’s, our religion’s, hell each other.

    I trully believe that a change is needed.

  104. no one know about end, as no one know about start , only ALLAH know what will be….., these all are rumors, and 2012 film publicity in some sense… afterword NASA also say that they were wrong,
    We must have faith in ALLAH ONLY….

  105. naina wrote: #
    no one know about end, as no one know about start , only ALLAH know what will be….., these all are rumors, and 2012 film publicity in some sense… afterword NASA also say that they were wrong,
    We must have faith in ALLAH ONLY….

    why must it be allah and not just faith in the prime creator of the worlds?


  107. Joesph wrote: #

    naina wrote: #
    no one know about end, as no one know about start , only ALLAH know what will be….., these all are rumors, and 2012 film publicity in some sense… afterword NASA also say that they were wrong,
    We must have faith in ALLAH ONLY….

    why must it be allah and not just faith in the prime creator of the worlds?

    Allah is the arabic word for God so..yh its for all faiths

  108. we just a part of earth. so, if there really anything that’s gonna happen let that be we are to predict doomsday. it’s only the space would decide who is gonna die who lives. so, chill out and start boozing till the doomsday if you’re really afraid of any f date called 12.21.2012.

  109. look…. we are only to listen to all this… and kick it off from mind…and we should be reminded of all this only on 21 dec…. not b4
    so take a chill pill… don’t believe until u see the end and live and enjoy to ur fullest

  110. why doesnt anyone understand that it could be true .
    2012 or there after.. one or the other day it has to happen. Everything keeps changing.. Earth started and it has an end, like everything else. Stars get born , young and ultimately die. Everything has a span to stick around and vanish.
    Now as far as earth is concerned its too weak than any other celetial bodies. Its not too strong to survive for other 2000 years. The crust is melting, atmosphere is getting warmer, temperature is increasing.. all these signs have the same very root that earth is at its last stage where everything does not seem going jus in a right way. Like an old man. Now climate is changing , plates are shifting downunder , floods , famines, drought, sun alignment , milky way wobble, all these things are natural. There is no need of someone to tell the world that this world is ending as the wise ones know the truth already.
    Its obvous that earth has an end like every other thing in this universe. People do not need any proof that yeah its happening as everyone believes that it will happen some point or the other.
    It can be even tomorrow or thousands of years after.
    2012 can be the year, no body knows. Many here speak about Allah and say do not believe in rumours. I am a muslim too.But how can any one even say its a rumour. It can be true. In Quran , Its mentioned that the the signs of the end of the world will be shown and will be spread almost everywhere but the dis-believers will still keep doing the wrong deeds, and the believers will change their ways and do good. God will forgive them even at the last state of their change as they atleast realized trust in allah.

  111. I think all we knows that its all due to the climatic changes in the environment then why we can not stop the big countries who are destroying natural resources fastly.No country agree to reduce co2 generation because it somewhere affecting their growth and economy but they do not know that biggest enemy of man is nature if you do noy follow him, he would not let you live like that.Science is great but it can not sustain or bring back life.may be we soon able to do this.Ultimate fate of planet is in human hands till now not in natural powers.I think we all are going to die either by natural disaters otherwise by wars or terrorism.Its like a man sitting on bomb with gun ask other man to lite the bomb other wise i will lite your body with gun.Every country using its money for buying weapons,people taking bribe or giving bribe,forcing poor to terrorist,people eating food which is not for them chicken,eggs,dog,snake,got,cow,drinking alcohol,fake love stories,everyone running behind sex,fame,style,eating junk food creating free redicals in body,women doing lot of make up.A man who worship god at occasions but never follow his rules then what is worth of worshiping.Man goes to church,mosque,mandirs,gurudwara how you can believe a superpower can lies in brckets.He has no size,no form,no color,no specifications,no location.there is nothing like destiny what you do results are there.Working is dominant.There are some reasons and effects which affect our results we called them destiny or fate.e.g.- If a man walking mid of road sure chances of accident if he got save because car crash before reaching him then people think that its destiny of man and car but problem in car is reason and accident before reaching to man is reasult of effect of that event.Everywhere,everyplace,everymoment all unnatural things running 24 hours.I am getting sick from this world.No one loyal to his world,country,family,parents,friends.So many caste so many restrictions,languages.Who create them i don’t know but its hurts more then death sometimes.We all has big burden of killing so many animals,killing humans.People are so much professional they just working 4 money .Your in competition,if your in competition means you have to win in the meanway you are affecting very big parts of others.If we working according to our capacity we can be so much perfect that we can hit the target with closed eyes,we can create artificial life,we can hold the world but it require big think and coorrdination.It is certain wise minds never give up.then we ?

  112. I just hope when that time comes I will be with my creator.
    No one has ever thaught what God had prepared for those will be destroyed eternally and for those who will be given these things that God had promised, for those who will succeed and receive the a new name and the fruit-giving eternal life. I just hope all of us will be there too, our loved ones, our sons and daughters…God may forgive and not put people to eternal torment. I know God gives us chances and provide another day to find it one day that we finally the least perfect in the eyes of God. Well, it will always be our choice to choose the which path what we wanted to go (in the way towards the truth and the life (light) or the opposite of this which we have known for the fact is not coming from God.)

  113. naina wrote: #
    no one know about end, as no one know about start , only ALLAH know what will be….., these all are rumors, and 2012 film publicity in some sense… afterword NASA also say that they were wrong,
    We must have faith in ALLAH ONLY….

    If you are really a believer in ALLAH then why the hell you do have a computer???? JESUS IS MESSIAH!!!!

  114. I’m going to laugh my head off when all this prediction and “faith” comes to a head in 2012 and NOTHING HAPPENS! If everybody on here who is all worked up took all their time and invested it into something worthwhile the world wouldn’t be so dangerous. If the world ends for any reason it will be because of religious stupidity and assumption of world order and who’s country controls what. Greed and stupidity will end this world, and that will happen you can count on it. Go home, hug your family, stop persecuting anyone who believes or doesn’t believe in something nobody can prove anyways, be happy with your life and work hard to make it everything it can be.

  115. i dnt know whether itz true r not,,,,but yes i personally feel like for a change i am so stunned to see that there no humanity left….

  116. I think deep inside we know what will happen,some are still in denial,this is natural.The earth has gone through this cycle many times before,this is the first time with civilized man,one time eliminated all life and killed off the dinosaurs and prehistoric man.Another was witnessed in the Bible as “The Destroyer”,that event made some devastating changes to our planet and all who inhabit it.The planet is naturally trying to fix itself after thousands of years of abuse.Unless you are a complete **** all you have to do is look around and see the changes are taking place as we speak,floods,volcanoes,hurricanes,tsunamis,as well as some major impending celestial events under close watch.The last time this event happened our population was merely in the millions,now we are a staggering 6 Billion,10% survived the last one.

  117. If the mimes were so smart as to predict when the ”world” was going to end. Then please do tell me why the couldnt predict when thier tribe was going to wipe itself of the face of the earth?

    That just shows thats a crock..

  118. i dont know what to think about this whole 2012 thing…at one point i dont see it happening its hard to believe then again or whole world is going to **** the worst enemy among us is mother nature and people took advantage of it!! im scared for the future and mainly because i have 4 babies that i cant see not having a future it just doesnt seem fair..god help us all and i pray for mercy on all of us…nomatter what happens

  119. i believe that a change or something is going to happen at the end of 2012 going into 2013,,i dont know what but there is to many facts to make it a coincidence,,,also the guy who said why didnt the mayans predict when there tribe will be wiped out, well they actually did predict the exact day that the spanish was gunna land on there shores and take them out and it was true, they got that right they have also predicted every eclipse for the last 3-4000 years,,,and all right again,,so yeah i think there is basis to believe in somethings gunna happen whether its a good or bad thing i dont know

  120. I don’t know what will happen or when it will take place, but there is one thing that is certain…. Something is coming and the question is are we ready for it…. Are you ready for a world changing climate change that will impact the way we live, or a world wide disease that will wipe out 70%-80% of the world population, or massive floods, wild fires, earthquakes. Think about it all I know is that the world has been changing for years already, put it this way every year more and more hurricanes are formig, more floods are occuring, more earthquakes are happening and getting stronger. Regular thunderstorms are intestifying and becoming more dangerous, more diseases are developing (Haiti for example) more volcanos are erupting. These are events that we can’t denie, they have been recorded in our history. So the question isn’t will something happen in 2012, or what and when. The only question I have are we all ready for what is to come……. you be the judge….

  121. i dont think any human is smart enough to predict when the world is gonna end i mean to the exact date. we been saying things are gonna happen for all man kind i mean with Y2K and the cold war for example. Humanity is messed up but in harsh times we do some how pull threw and change and thats what we are going to have to do it change but its sad we are gonna change when the damage has already been done and not early to prevent it….