2012 Interesting Facts

facts about the year 2012

2012 is expected to be year of great positive change. It is not the end of the world! Back in 1899 something was identified called Schumann Cavity Resonance. It is the heart beat or frequency of the Earth. Since its discovery till 1986 this heart beat frequency was constant 7.8 Hertz per second. From 1986 it started to raise dramatically and in 1998 it was reported to be 10 hertz per second. On other hand magnetics of the earth are dropping dramatically and it is expected they will reach zero point in 2012. Maya calendar and other calendars end in 2012, but it is not the end of the world just beginning of the new one since every 26000 years Earth goes through grand cycle of evolution.

In 2012 AirBNB had just under 10,000 properties listed on its website, and not many people even knew AirBNB existed.

In 2012 Justin Timberlake lead a group of investors that purchased MySpace.

In 2012 the Los Angeles Lakers had Kobe Bryant and started a season that ended with a 45-37 record.

In 2012 Instagram appeared for the first time on Android devices.  It had launched on iOS only.

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