Why You Should Advertise Your Mobile App Using An App Store QR Code Generator

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Advertising your mobile apps in the digital space is a balance of user wants and business needs.

You want to push for promotions through in-app ads, but you don’t want to go too hard to annoy users with unnecessary pop-ups.

With an app store QR code generator, you can significantly improve your in-app advertising strategies.

In a nutshell, this software creates dynamic app store QR codes that link to your app store pages on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This boosts your mobile app’s online and offline visibility and eventually increases the number of downloads.

Why exactly should you advertise using an app store QR code generator? Here are the top 3 reasons:

One QR code leading to different app stores

The market has two dominant mobile app stores: Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS.

Some mobile phone manufacturers also launch their native app stores like Galaxy Store for Samsung devices and AppGallery for Huawei devices.

What’s great about using a QR code generator is you simply need one QR code for all these app stores.

Thanks to advancements in QR code technology, it’s now able to detect the native app store of your smartphone.

An app store QR code can store two links at max—one for the Play Store and one for the App Store—so it automatically leads you to your phone’s app store once scanned.

This works for printed and digital products since you don’t need device-specific QR codes or targeting. This saves time launching and monitoring ads.

Mobile-first approach in advertising

The mobile-first approach is proven more effective with how much people use their smartphones. In 2022, this is estimated at 6.65 billion people worldwide.

This approach is easier to implement with QR code-based advertising because most people also use their smartphones to scan QR codes.

This allows you to focus on mobile-based design and mobile-friendly user interface. On the business side, this reduces costs because you only really have to focus on developing the mobile optimization of your website.

Of course, that’s not to say not to improve web-based designs. It’s also essential to keep it as optimized as possible to support multi-platform digital advertising solutions.

A new perspective on app store QR code advertising

As mentioned, you must balance pushing and pulling your customers’ needs.

Pushing too hard may put them off but moving too little may not show results. What’s certain is your target market always wants something new. That’s where you can position your mobile app through app store QR code advertising.

Instead of bombarding them with your product, you give them a solution on how to access your mobile app quickly.

You build engagement by prompting the user to scan your QR codes. This makes them feel like they belong in the product—rather than only being the audience.

Build an app store QR code-based advertising through an advanced QR code generator

The QR code generator creates a night-and-day difference in an app store QR code-based advertising.

To enable all these unique functionalities, you must find an app store QR code generator that supports these features.

You should consider QRTIGER, the best QR code generator online software. It offers app store QR codes and more. You can add logos, edit their links, and track their analytics.

Go to QRTIGER today and create QR codes to promote your mobile apps.

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