3 Reasons Why Air Travel Is Safer Than Ever

3 Reasons Why Air Travel Is Safer Than Ever

A fear of flying is a very common and natural emotion that billions of individuals across the world share. However, travel by aircraft is safer now than at any other point in human history. Here are the three main reasons why air travel is as dependable as ever.

Improved Technology

A modern-day aircraft is significantly better in design than even planes from 20 years ago. Today’s aircraft typically feature a multitude of redundant systems and fail-safes to ensure a smooth flight, even in the event of a technical issue. Plus, autopilot technology is so advanced that computers practically fly airplanes, greatly eliminating the odds of human error. And these computers use artificial intelligence to correct human mistakes when they do occur. Furthermore, the materials that make up jets these days are extremely strong yet light, meaning an aircraft can glide through the air for long distances without working engines.

Stricter Regulations

Flying regulations have never been stricter than today, thanks to multiple organizations and governmental agencies. The US Department of Transportation, the International Air Transport Association, and the Federal Aviation Administration are three of the most influential governing bodies within the aerospace industry. They absolutely demand perfection in all things airplanes.

They have very specific guidelines regarding manufacturing and engineering, such as requiring indelible wire markings for wire bundles or calling for particular production techniques. Additionally, pilots and flight crews adhere to a strict schedule that ensures they’re suitable to operate aircraft. Moreover, passengers must abide by certain air travel rules, thus protecting every party involved.

Better Air Traffic Control Resources and Practices

One way to protect passengers, planes, and pilots from aviation accidents is by providing crew members with the very best air traffic control support systems. Air traffickers these days have access to the most comprehensive and accurate positioning technology in human history.

They can see the exact location of any aircraft at a moment’s notice. Plus, their guidance systems are very reliable and provide pilots with effective directions. Most airports invest their money into improving air traffic control resources and practices, which, in turn, benefits the crew and travelers in the sky.

There are many reasons why air travel is safer than ever, helping to give passengers around the world better peace of mind. Luckily, technology will only improve, further cementing air travel as one of the best forms of transportation ever invented.

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