What To Know Before Moving To North Carolina

What To Know Before Moving To North Carolina

North Carolina is making tremendous strides to increase its populace. After all, it’s a beautiful state full of activities for everyone. From scenic landscapes to an active nightlife and college scene, you’ll never get bored. If you plan to live there, check out this brief guide on what to know before Moving Shipping to North Carolina so you know what to expect.

Know the Culture

North Carolina is rich in culture and activities. Whether it’s indulging in some delicious barbecue or partaking in many of the regional sports, there’s something for everyone. North Carolina barbecue is different from South Caroline’s.

It’s focused on a mop-style vinegar marinade lathered onto meats in an open pit. Compared to surrounding states with sauce-centric barbecues, North Carolina focuses on the meat and style of cooking—like pig pickling, for instance, which centers on a whole roasted pig.

If sports fit your lifestyle, North Carolina is big on professional and college sports, including football, basketball, and baseball. Prepare yourself for game day!

Don’t Stress Over the Move

Whether you’re moving from far out of state or just a state away, don’t stress over the big move. North Carolina is home to many shops and commercial centers with everything you need for your new home. From affordable mattresses to furniture and other essentials, you’ll find everything you need to make your living space feel like a home. Rather than stress over large pieces or expensive travel accommodations, you’ll find everything you need at an affordable price. Since North Carolina houses some of the nation’s top universities—like Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, and North Carolina State—moving into a new dorm room or college apartment is a piece of cake, too.

Do Some Sightseeing

Another important tip for what you need to know before moving to North Carolina is to do some sightseeing. It has some of the richest natural landscapes in the country. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs directly through the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and North Carolina. North Caroline itself is filled with lodging, dining, camping, and hiking accommodations. There are numerous waterfalls and waterways perfect for boating, tubing, or swimming.

There’s also the Biltmore Estate, which is a Gilded Age mansion that also serves as the largest private residence in the United States. It was once home to the notorious George Vanderbilt. While there, you can visit the grounds and the winery (shopping, dining, and lodging are available onsite.) North Carolina is full of fantastic things to do and places to see!

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