What Are Magic Mushrooms

what are magic mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are wild mushrooms with psychoactive properties. They are also referred to by other nicknames such as “Shrooms,” “Philosopher’s Stones” and so on. The psychoactive properties that these mushrooms so contain are because of the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin i.e., one of its primary contents. Psilocybin is among the most well-known psychedelics to exist. It is classified as a Schedule I drug in the US, which means that it possesses a high potential for misuse. Psilocybin is currently not used for any authorized medical treatment or purposes in the nation outside of a few locations listed below. Like with cannabis, there is ongoing debate about legalization.

Magic mushrooms have been in usage by the indigenous people of America and Europe for thousands of years now. They have been utilized for their rumored medicinal and spiritual benefits.


More than 180 species of mushrooms contain the psilocybin compound. Besides these naturally growing magic mushrooms, mushrooms containing psilocybin can also be artificially synthesized in the laboratory.

Duration of Effects Experienced on Ingestion of Magic Mushrooms

Short term effects associated with magic mushrooms usually wear off between 6-12 hours from consumption time. However, as is the case with many psychedelic substances, consumers of magic mushrooms can experience long-term changes to their personality and be subject to flashbacks for a long time since indulging in magic mushroom usage.

Urine drug test screenings usually held as an employment check does not test for psilocybin usually. However, specific tests might be ordered to especially check for remnants of this psychedelic in your bloodstream. If you’ve consumed magic mushrooms, though, one sure way to tell is from your hair follicles. Magic mushrooms can stay on in your hair follicles for as much as 90 days from usage. Urine tests can detect the presence of magic mushrooms in your system for a maximum of 3 days.

Where Can You Find these Mushrooms in the Wild?

It is commonly known that psilocybin mushrooms grow in the wild and can induce hallucinogenic effects on consumption. However, where exactly do these mushrooms grow, and in what conditions? It is interesting to note that although magic mushrooms grow in all continents, their concentration is maximum in regions that have a subtropical climate and humid forests. These mushrooms grow in the meadows and woods of these tropical and subtropical areas, where the land is fertile with humus and plant debris. 

While they are identifiable by their dark spores, an untrained and inexperienced individual should not go hunting in the woods and trees in search of magic mushrooms. They could chance upon poisonous and toxic mushroom variants, consumption of which could potentially threaten their life.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal?

There are a few cities that have already legalized the use of magic mushrooms in the United States. Those cities include Denver, CO and two cities in California – Oakland and Santa Cruz. Like with marijuana, there is always this initial brick wall and resistance from the status quo, so if the people want to use these plants they have to keep demanding it. Before you know it you have products like CBD Salve and CBD Massage Oil and CBD Gummies that people use all the time safely and effectively.

New York recently began a major push to legalize the magic mushrooms. The NY Post updated New Yorkers and the status of these magic mushroom plants getting even closer to legalization with a report in December of 2019.

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