Mimosa Pudica Seeds: What Exactly Are They?

mimosa pudica seeds

You may not have heard of them before, but Mimosa Pudica seeds are one of the most fascinating healing plants out there. Used since ancient times in India, taking Mimosa Pudica is one of the most natural gut scrubbers around. Chances are, you or someone you know could benefit greatly from them!

Here’s a guide on what mimosa pudica seeds are, and why you might need them.

What Is Mimosa Pudica?

Mimosa Pudica is an annual plant of the legume or pea variety. It has thin, thorny branches and small, fan-like leaves. When it flowers, the Mimosa pudica produces little pink bulb-like flowers.

When you touch the Mimosa pudica plant, its leaves fold up as a defense mechanism, then unfold again after a few minutes. Most people grow Mimosa pudica to see this happen.

The plant is mostly found in South America, but can also be found in South Asia, South Africa, and the Southern US.

What Are Mimosa Pudica Seeds?

Mimosa pudica seeds are tiny and pale brown. They come in at about 0.1 inches long. The most interesting thing about the seeds, though, is their medical benefits.

What Do Mimosa Pudica Seeds Do?

When Mimosa pudica seeds are put in water, they turn into a gel. This same process happens when you swallow the seeds, either whole or in a capsule. This may sound like a bad thing, but it’s actually the opposite.

In gel form, the seeds attack to toxins in the body, like parasites, bacteria, and heavy metals. All of these toxins are collected by the seeds, then excreted in your bowel movements. In this way, Mimosa pudica is a great, natural way to cleanse the body of unwanted junk.

Mimosa pudica seeds are extremely helpful in removing parasites. They actually paralyze and kill parasites outright when they come in contact with them. Whether it’s a parasite larva or a full-grown pest, Mimosa pudica seeds stop them in their path.

Taking Mimosa pudica can, therefore, aid in gut health, which has an effect on your entire body. Good gut health even helps you mentally and is a great way to relieve symptoms like depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Beyond this, Mimosa pudica has also been found to help regenerate the sciatic nerve! In one study, researchers gave rats with sciatic nerve damage Mimosa pudica for three months. Their damaged sciatic nerves repaired 40% better than rats using the steroid hydrocortisone.

You may hear some myths and rumors from non-believers that Mimosa pudica seeds are overrated or don’t work, but the studies say otherwise. If you’re a non-believer, read this info from Microbe Formulas debunking Mimosa pudica myths.

The Many Uses of Mimosa Pudica Seeds

As you can see, Mimosa pudica seeds have a ton of great health benefits. And we didn’t even talk about how they’re rich in antioxidants, work to heal wounds, and prevent liver damage! Mimosa pudica sees are truly one of the least talked about, but most amazing healing plants on earth.

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