Top UK Cities for Commercial Property Investments in 2023

Top UK Cities

It seems as if it is going to be a busy 2023 for the commercial estate sector, the previous year saw the demand for rental units soar, promoting growth in property investment prospects. The property market is an ever-changing sector, so it is prudent to always look out for spaces which are growth savvy and would yield consistent dividends over the years.

If you are looking to invest in the property market in the UK, you would definitely be taking a lot of factors into consideration, especially the prices and the type of property, but the location of the property is the biggest factor when it comes to receiving the most out of your money. London has always been the star attraction for investors and you can invest in any commercial property for sale London

Top Cities for Commercial Property Investments in UK

Let’s take a look at some of the areas which are going to be the top hotspots for property investments in the UK.


Sporadic developmental projects and major redevelopment projects in the area have seen a boom in demand for rental properties, which has increased housing prices over the past couple of years. This place is going through some of the most large-scale revivals and more or less has been transformed into a hub for leading businesses. A regeneration Project worth 5.5 GBP is launched in Liverpool called Liverpool Waters and is one of the largest in Europe.


For quite a few years Manchester and Salford have occupied the top spots as one the leading areas for investment within the region. Growth in the number of young working professionals, regeneration and development of the city with a growing population and economy has seen the prices of the estate market in Manchester booming. This region boasts consistent and healthy rental yields. Both Salford and Manchester were ranked in the top 10 areas for landlords to invest.


It has been one of the global hotspots for property investments for centuries. Prime Central London areas have always been in high rental demand. London has not only the highest property prices but also strong capital appreciation. One of the most high-end and high-value areas in London is the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

The exclusivity, security and, access to great schools and transport facilities make it a highly coveted neighbourhood by foreign and domestic investors alike. The Capital is the most valued new-build market, and some stellar developmental projects are coming forward (valued at GBP300 million), making it the golden opportunity for property investors to pitch in with their bids.


Continues to be one of the best cities to invest in the UK. It is projecting a price rise of 24.5% by 2026. This surge in growth can be put down to the huge regeneration projects being launched in Birmingham, especially the Big City Plan which would upscale and renew the city over the next 20 years through mixed-use projects of development.


As the new build markets grow bigger in Scotland, Edinburgh takes its place as the second most valued new build sector in the UK. It provides a host of opportunities for property investors. The growth of the economy has attracted new employers into the city and with them jobs and people. The presence of a large number of private renters has benefitted the city tremendously, ensuring high yields and low vacant periods for the landlords.


One of the prominent locations in the UK. With the growth in population and a growing rental property market, it has become a hotspot destination for leading investors and businesses. Located  300 miles along the coastline, some only dream to call it their home. Recently, areas like Torquay and St.Ives were voted as the best places to live in through an annual survey of Rightmove.

Final Thoughts 

The estate market is entering an era where the way we live is undergoing structural and development changes at the infrastructure level with a more sustainable and healthy way of living. It might not be a landscape we are used to but it has opened up new and exciting avenues for those who are looking out to invest.

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