Thinking Like A Parrot: How Do Parrots View The World?

interesting facts about parrots

Interesting Facts About Parrots is out with another exceptional piece of quality. There are so many interesting facts about parrots and yet so much to learn. Nature is filled with amazing creatures such as other birds like the toucan, or powerful and incredible beasts like the jaguar, and those interesting wolf spiders and how they survive and interact. Don’t forget the tiny hummingbird or bald eagle.

This fascinating and meticulously researched book explores the astonishing levels of cognition and intelligence of wild parrots, especially in the context of their complex social lives A wild kea, Nestor notabilis, possibly the most intelligent parrot in the world, contemplates the world from atop a rock in Arthur’s Pass, […]

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Parrots are incredibly intelligent creatures. Most will not even realize that they’re talking and will naturally respond to your commands as if they were speaking a spoken language. However, the fact is that you can teach your parrot to talk, and it is possible for them to learn to do so without harming their personality.

So what are the facts about teaching your parrot to talk? They’re simple, and they involve only two easy steps. Let’s get started!

Teach your parrot an active role in teaching. If you give them a chance to talk and learn, they will grow up a lot faster than if you teach them on their own. Of course, even then, they might never pick up an “understood” command, or even something they’ve heard once, just like any human. But if you start with an active role, even though it may take time, they’ll see a difference in your reaction. They’ll definitely see a difference when you say “talk,” as opposed to “sit.” Somewhat like a dog or a cat.

As your parrot learns to talk, start giving them a little more knowledge every time you give them a command. This may be every few days, or every day. Even if they haven’t done it yet, it’s something they’ll remember better than just sitting there and doing nothing. As your parrot gains some experience, they’ll start trying new things.

Use an interactive toy to teach your parrot to talk. If they’ve done all of their thinking, and they are ready to do some talking, an interactive toy might do the trick. I like to use toys like Amazon’s Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick.

Both of these toys are rechargeable, and they work by recognizing when you say the word “talk” and playing a sound that is similar to “talk.” You can always turn the volume up higher or lower, to ensure that your parrot hears your voice properly.

I love to make use of these toys every time I learn a new trick. It’s a fun way to continue educating your parrot and keep them motivated.

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