From Valentino to Stella: 5 Fashion Facts to Inspire Your Look

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Are you stuck in a rut with your fashion choices? Do you dread trying to put together outfits that look good?

We’ve all been there — but there is a solution.

Looking back at some of the great fashion designers is the best way to pick up new ideas and get excited about clothes again.

Just one fashion fact could trigger a complete style overhaul. Ready to fall in love with fashion again?

Keep reading for five awesome fashion facts that will have you ready to run straight to the mall.

1. Coco Chanel’s Favorite Color Was Black 

Coco Chanel introduced the iconic ‘Little Black Dress‘ to the fashion world in the 1920s, and we’ve all been in love with it ever since.

However, you might not have heard that black was actually Coco’s favorite color. She liked that fact that it was classy, understated, and there to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty.

So, stop worrying about what to wear, and just throw on something black!

2. Levi Strauss Never Wore His Own Jeans

Levi’s are one of the biggest fashion success stories out there. But did you know that Levi Strauss never wore his own jeans?

They were designed for laborers, and Levi, as a wealthy merchant, favored smarter apparel.

However, times have changed. Why not prove Levi wrong by pairing your favorite suit jacket with your oldest pair of jeans?

3. Stella McCartney Won the H&M Conscious Award in 2013 

Stella McCartney doesn’t just create awesome clothes, she also cares deeply about keeping her clothes ethical.

In 2013, her efforts were recognized when she was presented with the H&M Conscious Award, which is given to designers who support humanitarian and environmental causes.

Take a leaf out of Stella’s book and try avoiding fast fashion this season. With so many great brands now offering eco-friendly, sustainable apparel, you’ll have plenty of options.

4. Princess Diana Had the Longest Train on a Wedding Dress in British Royal History 

Whether you’re planning a wedding or not, you have to admire Princess Diana’s dedication.

The British royal had the longest even wedding dress train in British royal history, measuring 25-feet. Combined with an antique lace gown and a 153-yard tulle veil, this was a wedding outfit not to forget.

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your own fashion choices.

5. Valentino Developed His Love for Red After Going to the Opera

Valentino didn’t decide that he loved red out of nowhere — he was actually inspired by a trip to Carmen in Barcelona as a child. Enthralled by the crimson set design, he later created his very own Pantone shade of red.

For a contemporary twist on Valentino’s love of crimson, pick up a pair of red trainers. These sneakers are made in Italy so they’re the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite Italian designer.

Where to Find More Interesting Fashion Facts

Desperate for more inspiring fashion facts?

Check out fashion magazines, ask your friends for their favorite fashion trivia, or follow fashion accounts on social media to get your fix.

For more fun facts on famous figures, check out the people section of our site today.

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